Amazing Race 19: ep02: The Sprint of Our Life (Indonesia)

With no elimination last week, tonight’s Amazing Race has a double elimination, an AR first! Woot! Ernie and Cindy won the first leg so they depart first to Jakarta, Indonesia. Jeremy and Sandy follow followed by Justin and Jennifer.

“Don’t dude me dude”. Looks like all teams will be on the same flight. Grandparents Bill and Cathi are in last as the other teams find out that nobody got eliminated. Sympathy applause all around.

We’re in Indonesia now, all teams catch an overnight train ride to another city. Justin and Jennifer are fighting like the brother and sister they are. The train is insane, there’s tons of people ON TOP of it! Now they all take taxis to a vertical cave Goa Jomblang.

Teams are spelunking down into the cave to look for a mask and a dagger before scaling a giant bamboo ladder. Bill and Cathi have a speedbump to do before doing the roadblock. They have to untie a giant knot. Luckily they got to the roadblock first, so by the time they do it they’re still ahead of some teams.

The cave is pretty awesome as one from each team rappels down, finds the items and then climbs back up. The cave is firelit with a gong player inside. Now teams have to either shake their money maker or be a ticket taker. Dance in an intersection for money or be a motorbike parking attendant. They have to not only donate the money they earned but also ALL the money in their pockets as per a sign.

The blondes finish first and do the dancing. A lot of teams are choosing the ticket taking which might make it harder since only a limited number of motorcycle can park at a time. The Vegas showgirls and gay couple are in last leaving the cave.

The dancing girls are doing pretty good. Bill and Cathi are having trouble because Ernie and Cindy are further up the street grabbing all the bikes first. ernie and Cindy are going to be tough. Liz and Marie killed it dancing. Ethan and Jena are doing the dancing too.

Ernie and Cindy reach the orphanage to donate their money first and get the clue to the PitStop. Amazing Race keeps focusing on the sign so I’m guessing that no teams are giving ALL of their money. Ernie and Cindy arrive at the Pit Stop first but have to go back to the orphanage to give more money. The snowboarders actually read the sign and donate.

Cindy is crying that she missed the clue. Ethan and Jenna leave their clue behind at the dancing- luckily they realize as they get into the cab and go back to pick it up. All other teams are missing the clue about the donating, so they all have to go back. Zac and Laurence read the sign as do the Vegas Showgirls.

Snowboarders Andy and Tommy become team number one at the Pit Stop and win a trip to Ireland from Travelocity. Awesome, dudes. Laurence and Zac finish as the 8th team but because the other teams screwed up and had to go back, they are officially team number 2. The Showgirls move up from 10th to 3rd and stay in the race thanks to reading comprehension. Ernie and Cindy are 4, Liz and Marie 5, Jeremy and Sandy 6, Bill and Cathi stay in the race as team number 7, the fighting siblings finish in 8th. Amani and Marcus are team number 9.

Ethan and Jenna finish at number 10 and are eliminated from the race. Reality stars tend not to do so well in the Amazing Race for the most part. Sorry to see them go. Ron and Bill finish 11th and are out as well.

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