Amazing Race 19: ep03: Don’t Lay Down on Me Now

Amazing Race is in their 3rd leg, starting in Indonesia. Teams have to join a bicycle club, reenact the Dutch bicycle patrols of the 1940’s and ride through the street. Apparently this involves dressing up like zoo rangers with safari style hats.

After a leisurely ride, teams have to head to a restaurant in the countryside via taxi. Snowboarders are in the lead still follow by around the world Laurence and Zac. Jennifer wipes out into the bushes on the bike. Ernie lost a pedal and him and Cindy get passed by the Doublemint Twins, Jeremy and Sandi and the old people. A shoestring repair and they’re back, down 4 teams from where they started.

Teams now have to choose between Rice Field or Grass Fed. Either delivering a meal and plant 300 rice seedlings or fill 2 bags with grass, bring a sheep to the shed and fill a bucket from a well. Snowboarders start it off with Grass Fed and get their grass and sheep but have to go back to get more grass for their bags. Superfull bags, they try again. Zac and Laurence fail to read their clue and use 3 buckets when only allowed 2. They get their clue, so a penalty looms at some point. Uh oh.

All the other teams arrive close to the same time, most choose Grass Fed, except for the Vegas showgirls and Doublemint Twins. Teams are wiping out all over the place, especially Cathi. Amani and Marcus are lost in their cab and not even there yet. The twins finish very quickly while Cathi loses her sheep. Amani and Marcus finally arrive but switch their task midway through to do the rice field instead.

Snowboarders are way ahead at the next spot- a beautiful temple. Roadblock! Teams have to count Buddha hand positions and then do the hand positions. They work together with around the world dad and son on this challenge.

Jeremey and Sandi’s cab breaks down 1km from the temple and they get out and run. Everyone else is arriving at the temple and counting up the buddha’s. They are throwing out all sorts of crazy numbers. Anyone want to actually read the clue besides the snowboarders and around the world? No. Laurence gets it right with the hand positions! Snowboarders are close behind and they both start to look for the pit stop. Snowboarders totally give Amani and Marcus the answer to the clue as they arrive last at he temple.

Laurence and Zac find Phil and the Pit Stop first….but…. they used the 3 buckets, so they get a 15 minute penalty, which based on the ridiculously wrong answers all the other teams are giving at the temple, shouldn’t be a problem. Andy and Tommy snowboard into 1st and win a trip to Dubai from Travelocity. They are still far enough ahead that Laurence and Zac are still number 2.

Finally four of the teams figure out what they are supposed to be counting. Marcus wasn’t paying attention at all to the snowboarders and is now lost counting buddha’s. Stupid move, if someone gives you the answer, listen! Old Bill is working on is own and figures it out next. The gang of four all figure it out as do Jeremy and Sandi and Marcus. Jeremy and Sandi are the only ones beside Marcus and Amani who don’t have to settle up with a cab, so they can finish quicker. The showgirls can’t find their taxi.

It’s down to the twins and the showgirls as to who can find their cab first. The twins do and finish as team number eight. The showgirls finish last and Kaylani and Lisa, you are the last team to arrive, I’m sorry to tell you that you have both been eliminated from the race. Yet another team that wanted to proved they were more than just looks, turns out to be nothing more than just looks. It takes some smarts too, ya know.

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