Amazing Race 19: ep04: This is Going to be a Fine Mess

It’s the fourth leg in Amazing Race’s race around the world. Teams now fly off to Phuket, Thailand. Snowboarders Andy and Tommy are first to the airport. They are flying through Jakarta. Laurence and Zac join them. They don’t have anything booked for Jakarta to Phuket. Those two teams take off at 9:40am before anyone else gets to the airport.

All teams mispronounce Phuket in hysterically inaccurate ways. Most teams are booking a flight to Jakarta and then to Phuket to arrive at 6:40pm. When they get to Jakarta, the flight to Phuket is fully booked so they have to go through Bangkok for a 7:40pm arrival in Phuket. First to last- ouch! Everyone flies off.

First flight arrives in Thailand and they start to head via taxi to an arena. The two blondes didn’t exchange their money… why not? Uh oh- when around the world and snowboard arrive they find out they are an hour behind the other teams. No matter, the arena thing doesn’t open until 8am the next day. Everyone lines up their bags and camps out for the night. Equalizer!

Daylight now and there’s a huge floating dock that looks like it’s made of water bottles with their clue at the end . Teams now have to help rebuild Thailand by doing the detour- either build a coral reef nursery out of pipe and bring it underwater, or to set up 20 chairs and umbrellas on the beach. Most teams get their about the same time. Andy and Tommy make quick work of their reef and head out in the kayak to sink it underwater. The current underwater is pulling everything around making it really hard.

They now have to find a specific island pictured on a medallion they were given. Most of the teams have too much trouble with the current taking their coral setup away, so they switch to the beach chairs task. This gives Tommy and Andy and the teams that started with the beach chairs right away a huge lead. The wind is taking a lot of teams umbrellas, making the Doublemint Twins cry.

Meanwhile team snowboard finds the island on the medallion and have to climb and island rock. That looks cool as hell. Justin and Jennifer are not far behind. Everyone else is still on the beach. Andy makes quick work of the rock climb and gets the clue to head to the next pitstop- a floating village with a floating soccer field- cool. Ernie and Cindy finish the beach chairs first, followed by Laurence and Zac.

Andy and Tommy finish as team number…again.. First to last to first in the same leg. They are dominating this competition so far. Justin and Jennifer follow closely.

Doublemint Twins are still at the beach. Ernie and Cindy have no idea which way north is to find the islands on their medallion, despite having a compass. They are lost at sea. Ernie finally looks at his compass and turns that boat around. As teams get to the rock climbing wall later and later, their clues are higher and higher up. Laurence and Zac, despite having sailed around the world, are unable to use the map and compass to find the pit stop island.

Finally they spot another boat and just follow them. Jeremy and Sandy finish in third. Around the world is 4th. Amani and Marcus are totally lost on the tiny island and get passed by Ernie and Cindy before finishing in 6th. Liz and Marie are the last team to arrive and are lucky as all hell because Phil tells them it’s a non-elimination leg. Double your pleasure, double your fun indeed.

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