Amazing Race 19: ep05: I Feel Like I’m in the Circus

After the last round which was non-elimination the snowboarders leave the floating village first to go to the next spot in Thailand where they have to ride an elephant two at a time. That looks cool as all hell as the elephants go over some really rough terrain.

After riding the pachyderm, teams have a Roadblock where they have to follow the music to a Thai flutist and search a pool under the waterfall for a clue. Water is super murky but the snowboarders find it quick, it’s a fish wrapped up in a cloth. Justin and Jennifer are next and Justin doesn’t dive right in like snowboard dude did but he gets it.

At the next RoadBlock, Tommy and Andy grab a model temple and move it to another house and now have to reassemble the complex Spirit House model. Not remembering how the various pieces were arranged, they have to go back to where they picked up the house to look again. Smartly Tommy writes down the order of the items on his clue. Meanwhile the Doublemint Twins are hours behind and just getting started on this leg. Snowboarders finish and have to travel to Bangkok by bus.

Justin and Jennifer super smartly have their bus driver use his camera phone to take a picture of the Spirit House model so they know how it looks when they reassemble it. Round the World Father Son don’t take notes- could be a problem. Jennifer finishes quickly and heads to Bangkok. Zac can’t remember and has to go back to take notes, losing valuable time on this one.

Doublemint Twins reach the elephants and Speed Bump… they have to wash and clean up poop from the elephants before proceeding. They seems to be having as much fun shoveling poop as they are washing the baby elephant.

Ernie insists you don’t have to remember the order of the items on the model- uh oh- Cindy was right… is it just me or are Ernie and Cindy getting weaker and weaker as the race goes on. Now they have problems trying to pay the cab driver with American dollars, getting into a screaming fight.

At the bus terminal, Zac and Laurence take a separate “first class” bus, which might be an issue going forward- obstinate Laurence insists no. Or “know” as in he’s a total know it all. A few other teams are on the early bus while the rest are still back at the model. Halfway in the ride, Laurence and Zac stop the bus and decide to get back to a regular steerage class bus, but they’re in the middle of nowhere. They run back to the bus station.

First batch of teams is on the 4:30 bus, half the teams are on the 5:30 bus, Laurence and Zac make it back to the 8:00 bus. Doublemint Twins don’t have enough to pay their cab driver and their bus leaves with their ticket in their hands which leaves them without enough for the next bus- luckily their cab driver takes them to the bus which stopped up ahead and they get going to Bangkok.

Teams start making it to Bangkok; Ernie and Cindy’s bus somehow passes the others en route and gets there first. Teams have to head to a river and feed the fish; easy enough- before heading to the Pit Stop. Amanai and Marcus’s cab avoids traffic as they get there second along with Grandparents Bill and Cathi. Doublemint Twins are the only teams to walk to the fishing pier. Ernie and Cindy jump out of their cab on the way to Pit Stop and start walking, letting the other two teams pass them. Amani and Marcus finish as team number one, Grandma and Pa are 2nd. Ernie and Cindy in third.

Someone tells the Doublemint Twins that it takes 5 hours to walk; so they keep hiking. Eventually they find a generous cabbie who takes them for free!

Andy and Tommy and Jeremy and Sandy feed the fish and head to the Pit Stop next. Andy and Tommy go on foot before stopping for a while to ask someone- get in the cab guys! The person they ask takes the clue and there’s a misunderstanding and they can’t get it back without waiting for someone else. Ruh roh Shaggy! Finally someone comes with a map and their clue and they jump in a cab.

Justin and Jennifer finish way ahead in 4th. Jeremy and Sandy take off on foot before getting a cab. The Doublemint Twins feed the fish and score ANOTHER free cab ride to the Pit Stop. Andy and Tommy and Laurence and Zac finish next; Phil tells them that the first class rule only applies to airplanes, so they lost all that time for nothing. Luckily they’re still in it.

It’s down to either Jeremy and Sandy or a miracle for the twins and there’s no miracle today. Liz and Marie finish last and are eliminated from the Race- no surprise here they were so far behind the entire leg. At least they had fun.

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