Amazing Race 19: ep06: We Love Your Country Already; It Is Very Spacious

Teams are in Bangkok, Thailand for the sixth leg of the Amazing Race. Amani and Marcus depart first to fly to Lilongwe, Malawi. To Africa they go. Jennifer says she teaches special ed and then goes on to compare the Race to a special ed child? Uhmm, ok then.

All teams are in taxis to the airport and all will be on the single flight, equalized. Teams are now in colorful Malawi and take taxis to the Tobacco Warehouse. All the teams seem pretty excited to be in Africa. Amani and Marcus somehow got left behind in the airport and are now in sixth and stuck in traffic on their way; only Bil and Kathi are behind them.

Teams are in the warehouse and have to setter massive 200 pound bales of tobacco on a dolly through the warehouse. This looks hard, gonna take some strength. The task is further complicated by the Malawi workers yelling at them and blocking their path with other carts. They have to do 10 bales each. Snowboard Tommy is cruising through this one, what else is new?

Not only are Amani and Marcus late, they are now lost and in last as they and Bill and Kathi arrive at he challenge with the other teams over halfway done. First to finish the task is Jeremy (and Sandy). They have to head out to Memorial Tower now. Ernie (and Cindy) is next followed by Justin (and Jennifer) then Tommy Snowboard. Bill is moving fast, used to moving big bales from his farm work.

At Memorial Tower, it’s a Detour. All Swen Up or Not Grown Up. Teams either have to manually stitch a suit or build toy trucks from scrap materials for a school. Most teams are going for the toys. Ernie and Cindy are not. Bill and Kathi are sewing as well. Amani and Marcus choose to sew too, surprisingly. Marcus has seen it done so he thinks he can do it.

Teams start arriving at the school and building the toy trucks. Laurence drops a few sexist remarks about sewing towards Sandy. Very nice buddy. The toy trucks are a bit tricky, putting together the milk carton, bottle caps and dowels. Jeremy and Sandy finish first and head out to a roadside furniture market. Justin and Jennifer are next follow by Andy and Tommy Snowboard.

Ernie/Cindy and Bill/Kathi arrive at he sewing challenge and Kathis quickly gets to work sewing up the suit on the old manual machine. Ernie is cruising with the sewing machine but Kathi is rocking it. Marcus gets going last. Ernie and Cindy finish this task first and are in fourth overall now.

Teams at the furniture store have to carry two beds to the next Pit Stop. It’s important since they need the beds to sleep on when they get there. They get a pickup truck to take them there. Everyone’s getting their beds loaded up, Marcus and Amani are way last. Zax and Laurence try to get their beds in a taxi before reading the clue, idiots, and getting a truck.

Bed hauling teams arrive at the village and have to carry the beds on foot to the actual Pit Stop. To make matters worse for Marcus and Amani, their cab breaks down. At the drum filled Pit Stop Justin and Jennifer finish in first, followed right behind by Andy and Tommy Snowboard. But Justin and Jennifer forgot to pay their truck driver, Snowboard wins by default. They win a trip to a private island in the British Virgin Islands.

A lot of the teams are not paying the driver. Come on guys, think. Cindy is having trouble balancing the bed and nearly gets crushed by it. Ernie’s bed is falling apart. Bill and Kathi are cruising- passing people while carrying the beds- go Kathi! Except Bill and Kathi have to go back to pay their driver as Marcus and Amani show up with their beds. You guys better hurry. All the other teams check in, in the meantime.

Bill and Kathi pass Marcus and Amani on their way to the truck. It’s a footrace to the end, except Bill and Kathi don’t have beds so it’s no contest. Amani and Marcus are the last team to arrive. But lucky for them it’s yet another non-elimination leg. No raised eyebrow from Phil.

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