Amazing Race 19: ep07: Move Goat (Malawi)

Second leg in Malawi, the warm heart of Africa. Teams checked in to the Pit Stop carrying their own beds and get to sleep in little huts on those beds. Andy and Tommy Snowboard get to leave first, heading out to take a bus to another town.

Justin and Jennifer leave next; he reveals that he’s gay, except Amazing Race doesn’t use the “g” word, he just says something about “coming out”. Ok then, clearly we are not watching Bravo here. Jeremy and Sandy are next followed by Laurence and Zac. Double U-Turn ahead this leg. Ernie and Cindy next, they still have their Express Pass to use. Teams only have one buck for this leg?

All teams but Amani and Marcus are loaded on the bus and it’s getting pretty full of people and stuff but they find some room and all teams are equalized for the two hour bus ride through the African countryside.

They’re in a market and have to use a bike taxi to carry a passenger to a particular location. Amani and Marcus get their Speed Bump. It’s pretty lame- just a simple slide puzzle to solve. Uh oh- Andy’s crank broke on his bike and his pedals came off. Cindy is first to reach her destination and start the return trip on bicycle. Amani struggles with the puzzle putting them further behind.

Andy finds a guy with some bolts and a hammer and gets his bicycle fixed and is back on his way.

Cindy returns first and gets the Detour. They go to Lake Malawi and have to choose Dugout or Lugout. In Dugout they have to paddle out in a canoe and back. In Lugout they have to carry cargo and passengers from an offshore boat to shore. Andy and Tommy Snowboard head to the lake too as Marcus and Amani finally finish the puzzle. Marcus is cruising on the bike. Jennifer left her clue back at the start so has no “clue” what to do after she drops off her passenger. Just go back girl! She’s just standing there, wtf? Go back- Marcus is going to pass you! Most bone-headed move of Amazing Race ever? Probably!

Teams are arriving at Lake Malawi which looks really nice (and huge!). It’s very festive lakeside, with tons of kids and dancing. First few teams all choose to paddle the dugouts which are pretty hard to steer. Marcus leaves and Justin is still waiting for Jennifer to go back. She’s waiting for another team, but you’re gonna be there a long time girl…because you’re last. She decides to head back to where she got the bike from…well duh.

Ernie and Cindy decide to use their Express Pass after struggling with the canoe and get to skip the task. Bill and Cathi show up at the boat- they’re gonna struggle I think. Ernie and Cindy are on dry land but can’t find the Jamaica shop where the clue tells them to go. Surprisingly Bill and Cathi are moving the boat quickly. Jeremy and Sandy are fighting in the boat and having trouble as the old folks pass them.

Andy and Tommy finish the boat as Ernie and Cindy come back to the beach where they started from, which is where the Jamaica Shop is, leaving them virtually tied. They get to head to Sunbird Livingstonia Beach for the Pit Stop in this leg. It’s a footrace to the end and it’s a pretty far run down a dirt road to get there. Andy and Tommy get them in their sights and start to up the pace as Ernie is left carrying both bags. It looks literally neck and neck as all four run down the beach to Phil. Andy and Tommy beat them as Cindy collapses in exhaustion on the sand. 5 out of 7 legs in first place for those two.

Amani and Marcus show up and do the Lugout, and start carrying people and goods off the boat to shore. Marcus’s huge size is making a big difference for this task. Bill and Cathi make to third to find the Jamaica shop and the Pitstop. Laurence and Zac finish next. Jeremy and Sandy are still out there paddling.

The old folks finish in third at the Pit Stop. Justin and Jennifer are still on their way to the lake. Amani and Marcus finish their grueling task and start heading to the Jamaica shop and Pit Stop. Amani and Marcus find the shop next and don’t U-Turn anyone, followed quickly by Laurence and Zac. The U-Turn board is electronic this year- very unnecessarily advanced CBS production team. Laurence and Zac make an incredibly bizarre and stupid move by U-Turning Amani and Marcus WHO THEY HAD JUST SEEN LEAVING THE U-TURN BOARD. W. T. F. ?

Amani and Marcus make the Pit Stop in fourth, moving up a number of places this leg. Jeremy and Sandy struggle to find the Jamaica Shop before starting the long run to the Pit Stop as Laurence and Zac finish fifth. Jeremy and Sandy hustle in for sixth and the sad music starts playing for Justin and Jennifer who are the last team to arrive and are both eliminated from the race without so much as an eyebrow raise from Phil. Sorry guys.

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