Amazing Race 19: ep08: Super Shady

Teams are heading for the first time in Amazing Race history to Copenhagen Denmark. AR producers have already booked flights for the teams but if they find better flights than that one they can go ahead and do it. Zac and Laurence take a different flight to London instead of Amsterdam like everyone else to try to get there first. Cindy tries to weasel some information from them but they aren’t giving any info.

Marcus and Amani sit around in the airport; the other teams ALL switch to earlier flights that arrive 9 hours before. Zac and Laurence are already in Copenhagen while Amani and Marcus are still waiting for the connecting flight. Stupid stupid non-move. In Copenhagen the task opens at 7:30, Marcus and Amani’s flight doesn’t even arrive till 8:30. To not even TRY to look for another earlier flight is a flat out rookie move.

Meanwhile everyone else is doing the task in a church where they have to climb 400 steps and spot the 2 clues- a flag and a sign on a roof. All teams spot the two clues except Jeremy and Sandy seem to be guessing which castle it is- incorrectly. They are at a restaurant instead of a castle. Andy/Tommy snowboard, Around the World and Ernie/Cindy are all at Castle Fredericksburg. They now have ot get all dressed up and perform a crazy dance for a Countess. The castle is incredibly ornate and gorgeous inside.

Ernie and Zac are doing the task; dressed up in Medieval tights and such. Meanwhile Jeremy and Sandy go back to the church to find the signs and look who’s there! Amani and Marcus. Snowboarders don’t seem to be there for some reason. Cathi is doing the dance. Oh there’s the snow fellows. Zac is struggling with the dance. Cathi is nailing it. Andy Snowboard is rocking the dance, what else is new, they rock everything? Ernie and Cindy finish first and head out to a farm.

Detour! They have to do all hopped up, leading a leashed rabbit through a steeplechase course- wtf? or all churned out and churn fresh butter. Ernie and Cindy get to work on making butter. Bill and Cathi show up second and do the butter too.

Amani and Marcus are lost and stop in the middle of freaking’ nowhere to ask for directions. Non surprisingly nobody on the highway is stopping for them. Too many stupid mistakes this leg guys.

Ernie and Cindy finish first and walk over to the windmill U-turn and VICIOUSLY and unnecessarily U-turn Bill and Cathy before heading off to a boat . You’re a bitch Cindy. Snowboarders show up just as Bill and Cathi realize they’ve been U-turned. They get to U-turn someone and they do Laurence and Zac who are far back, so at least they have some buffer. They head off to do the rabbits. They each do a run with the rabbits over the course and are still in second on their way to the Pit Stop. The rabbits are so easy, they should have just done those to start with.

Back at the castle, it’s Jeremy/Sandy and Marcus/Amani as the ladies do the dancing. Sandy finishes first and they start driving to the farm. Sandy claims to know where they’re going which means they probably don’t. Uh oh. Jeremy mumbling shit at her under his breath.

Laurence and Zac join Snowboard Andy/Tommy at the butter churning. Ernie and Cindy dash off to the boat and arrive at the Pit Stop in first. They win a trip to Fiji. Nice. But at what cost? You made a dick move Cindy. Dick move. For no reason. When you’re in first with a lead, you don’t U-Turn. Standard Amazing Race procedure.

Ooop there’s Sandy telling Jeremy they’re going the wrong way and need to turn around. This leg is all about the U-Turns, Marcus and Amani choose to do the rabbits. They set up their course as Zac and Laurence realize they’ve been U-Turned and come back to do their course. Uh-oh, there’s Jeremy and Sandy as Laurence races his rabbit.

Meanwhile Bill and Cathi finish up as team number 2 and the Snowboarders in a weak-for-them 3rd. Amani and Marcus unbelievably finish in 4th.

Now Zac and Laurence are lost and in traffic as Jeremy and Sandy finish up their butter churning quickly. Wooooah they get passed by Jeremy and Sandy who finish in 5th, somehow. Huuuge! Laurence and Zac finish in last and Phil tells them they’ve been eliminated from the Amazing Race. Nice run guys, sorry to see you go.

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