Amazing Race 19: ep09: It’s Speedo Time

Teams are starting the ninth leg of the Amazing Race in Copenhagen where they have to drive ot the Hans Christian Andersen statue to get their next clue. Ernie and Cindy depart first. Roadblock! They have to memorize a poem, ride a bicycle with the map on the wheel, and recite the poem perfectly.

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote: To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Andersen

As Cindy tries to memorize the poem, a turbos pulls up and all the tourists climb over the statue and block the poem she has to memorize. Cindy gets to the theater and gets the poem done on her first try.

Bill and Cathy are second followed by Snowboard Andy and Tommy who are Copenhanging in there. Cathy is doing the poem and bicycling. Cathy can’t find the theater on her bicycle’s map so she has to stop to ask someone for directions as Snowboard takes off. Meanwhile Amani and Marcus are making their way towards the statue. Marcus has an unusual strategy of distracting Amani while she’s trying to memorize the poem. Tommy’s lost too as Amani make’s it there first to do the poem. She gets it on her first try too and heads back.

Cathy finds the theater finally and messes up a word! Oh no. Back to the statue she has to pedal and try again. Jeremy and Sandy finally get started on this leg, way behind everyone. Cathy arrives for her second try before Tommy and Sandy even get there. Second time’s a charm for Cathy. Tommy is next and apparently his performance was dramatic enough even though he nailed all the words- he has to go back and do it again. That’s kinda crappy. Sandy’s not dramatic enough either and has to redo it.

Ernie and Cindy have to drive to Legoland! Awesome! They find the pirate land area and their giant sized Lego block clue. They have to ride a teacup style dizzy ride and put together a Lego puzzle to reveal their next clue. Dizzying.

Tommy’s second shot is way more dramatic and with more flair and he nails it. Sandy’s is acceptable as well. Off they go.

Everyone’s off to Legoland. Ernie and Cindy are having trouble getting the puzzle done during the ride but they get it and have to drive to Hamburg, Germany. Marcus and Amani are struggling with the puzzle too- they figure out the clue but can’t get the puzzle done in time. They’re both getting sick on the ride; there’s a barf bag on the floor and either of them might need it. Bill and Cathy are lost on their way to Legoland.

Andy and Tommy Snowboard arrive close on Amani and Marcus’ heels. Jeremy and Sandy are there at the same time. Both are having trouble with the pieces flying off the ride as it spins around. No problem for the snowboarders with the spinning. Sandy’s not looking good and they dropped a piece off the ride and don’t know it. No worries, Bill and Cathy are still way lost.

Andy and Tommy finish the puzzle and take off. Jeremy and Sandy have to start all over since they lost a piece. Meanwhile Ernie and Cindy are at the Hamburg. They have to take a train to Brussels, Belgium. There’s only one train for day- but oh oh- Cindy dropped the train tickets on the ground!

Bill and Cathy finally arrive at Lego land. Andy and Tommy get to the train station as Bill and Cathy finish quickly at Legoland. Ernie and Cindy realize they lost their tickets for the 2nd leg of the train trip and they don’t have enough Euros to pay for it. Oh snap! They get on the first train and are screwed. They are going to be stuck in Cologne rather than heading on the next train to Brussels with everyone else. But they get on the train anyway and take their chances. Lucky lucky for them, nobody ever came to check tickets. Possible penalty?

Everyone gets in taxis in Brussels heading to Parliament. They have to do a bodybuilding posedown with professional bodybuilders. O. M. G. Nobody wants to see some of these people in speedos or bikinis. Ugh. Bill and Cathy looking decent for their age. Here comes the spray tan and body oil.

Ernie and Cathy try first and don’t get enough points to make it. Snowboarders up next with even lower scores. Marcus and Amani get straight 4’s which is enough to move on the Pit Stop, a gazebo bandstand somewhere. They can’t find it but get directions from someone.

Snowboarders try again and get 5 points, not enough. Ernie and Cindy do their posedown try number two; the judges give them straight 4’s which gets them out of there. Ernie looks way too into this. Bill and Cathy’s first try at the routine was dismal, straight 1’s. Jeremy and Sandy give it a shot and get the best score yet at 13.

At the park, Marcus and Amani get there as team number 1. Signature eyebrow lift from Phil Keogh and they win a trip for 2 from Travelocity to Panama. Oh snap, the next leg starts right then and there….and to be continued…

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