Amazing Race 19: ep10: Release the Brake!

Continuing on from last week’s Amazing Race, the leg continued on from the Pit Stop. Amani and Marcus get to go to the Ford Proving Grounds in Belgium first. Phil awaits, eyebrow raised as Cindy and Ernie show up next, followed by Jeremy and Sandy.

Meanwhile back at the bodybuilder posing challenge, Andy and Tommy Snowboard finally get the moves down and head to the pitstop. Bill and Cathi are still posing too and they finally get it too.

Ernie and Cindy arrive first at the Ford Proving Grounds and there’s a Road Block waiting for them. They get to test drive a Ford Mustang! Sweet! They have to reach 100 mph and brake hard, then do a slalom, then a double doughnut. Ernie’s driver gives him a test drive to show him the course and Ernie looks like he’s about to barf the whole time.

Ernie completes the 100mph part easily and tries the slalom. Too slow on his first try. Meanwhile, Amani and Marcus are way lost as the Jeremy and Sandy also pass them and arrive at the Ford Proving Grounds. Ernie continually fails the slalom challenge, doing it over 15 times, hitting cones, hitting the end barrier and going too slow. While Jeremy nails the 100mph part and catches up to Ernie on the slalom.

Jeremy doesn’t get it on his first try, Ernie goes again and finally nails it; he gets to do the double doughnut and he’s done with the Road Block. Jeremy completes the slalom and doughnuts close behind him.

Now teams have to drive to Gent for their next clue.

Marcus and Amani finally arrive, with Snowboarders right behind them. Marcus and Tommy are doing the driving this time. Like everyone else, Marcus nails the 100mph part, as does Tommy. Then Marcus fails the slalom, just like everyone else. Tommy too. Marcus gets it quickly, doughnuts and darts out of there. Tommy follows close behind.

Ernie and Cindy and Jeremy and Sandy arrive in Gent. Ernie and Cindy find the clue in a barrel. Detour! They have to make waffles or find two halves of a clue in the water. J&S follow suit closely and both choose waffle and start building their waffle stand. There’s a lot of different waffle types they have to make. Cindy is being extremely annoying, asking more “why” questions than a 7 year old.

Marcus and Amani and Andy and Tommy are right behind. Snowboarders are the only to choose water. Jeremy is horrible at making the waffles. Marcus and Amani see the trouble everyone’s having making waffles and they choose water.

Water teams have to carry barrels and sticks and ropes and build a raft then find the clues. Snowboarders quickly build what looks like a fairly seaworthy craft. They paddle down and quickly get the first clue. Then the second one. Certainly a lot more fun than making waffles. Ernie and Cindy complete the waffle task just as quickly though.

Bill and Cathi finally arrive and choose waffles. They see how many waffles they have to make and choose raft instead.

Amani and Marcus finish the raft quickly as Jeremy and Sandy struggle with the waffles. They try again and again and don’t know which waffle is wrong. Finally they figure out their stupid mistake and take off while Bill and Cathi paddle down the river.

Ernie and Cindy are the first to make it to De Muur. They have to help a pigeon trainer release a flock of pigeons and then race to meet up with the pigeons at a specific address. Andy and Tommy follow suit and release their pigeons too. Marcus and Amani and Jeremy and Sandy get there next do their pigeons.

Tommy and Andy find their address and pigeon first. The next clue is the Atomium, a huge sculpture that looks like an atom. Jeremy and Sandy get their clue next. Ernie and Cindy are lost. Cindy looks panicked, rightfully so. Tommy and Andy show up first at the Pit Stop and win a brand new Ford Mustang each.

Amani and Marcus are a bit lost too. Ernie and Cindy finally find the clue and head to the Atonium. Amani and Marcus close behind. Bill and Cathi haven’t even found the pigeon release yet. Jeremy and Sandy reach the Pit Stop as team number two, Ernie and Cindy close behind in third.

Amani and Marcus finish in fourth, still in the race. Bill and Cathi are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race. They had a great run for people of their age; actually for people of any age, finishing in fifth overall.

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