Amazing Race 19: ep11: We Are Charlie Chaplin

We’re in the 11th leg of the Amazing Race. Andy and Tommy won the last leg and get to customize their Ford Mustangs online, sweeeeeeet. Everyone else is sleeping in bizarre pods in the big sculpture. Now teams have to dress up like characters from the Tintin comic and solve a clue.

Snowboarders put on the costumes and walk around town at 4am asking random drunks what they are dressed up as. The other teams quickly follow and ask around and people seem to know who they are. BUT snowboarders think they are Charlie Chaplin, incorrect.

Jeremy and Sandy quickly figure it out and get the next clue, to go to Panama City, Panama, via Amsterdam. Ernie and Cindy follow right behind. Andy and Tommy get their character wrong and have to walk around and figure it out. Meanwhile Amani and Marcus pass them.

All teams take the train to Amsterdam together, dressed like Charlie Chaplin looking hobos. They all arrive in Panama City and take taxis. They get to their destination in the middle of the night, wearing headlamps to see their way to the long canoe boats. It’s pitch black, they are traveling by the stars, quickly in motorboats.

Jeremy and Sandy’s boat gets stuck in a sandbar. Uh oh. Other boats pass them. Andy and Tommy arrive first at the tribal village, where they sign up to receive a tattoo the next day. Jeremy and Sandy are next, then Amani and Marcus and Ernie and Cindy. There’s a 20 minute difference in times between 1 and 2 and also 2 and 3 and 4.

They get their tattoos, which are more like henna ink and not real tattoos. The tattoo is the clue telling them to go to the San Francisco Bay Towers. All teams take boats to taxis to the towers to get their clue.

Now teams have to walk a 60 foot long tightrope about 35 stories up or so between two of the towers. Sandy has to do it but she’s scared of heights. Andy makes quick work of it, moving fast with no fear. They are straps in to an overhead rope for safety. Sandy’s up next and is panicking but she makes it slowly across.

Andy and Tommy now have to find the statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps per their next clue. Unfortunately for Jeremy and Sandy, their cab driver is discussing where to go with all the other waiting drivers too.

At the statue, it’s a detour: Filet or Sole. In Filet, they have to deliver various fish to different vendors. In Sole, they have to work a piece of leather to make a shoe. Snowboarders choose sole. So to Jeremy and Sandy. They have to trace out the shape of someone’s foot on the leather to begin. Ernie and Cindy do the same. Amani and Marcus choose Fish but their driver takes them to Sole and they have to drive over to the market.

Amani and Marcus start carrying big loads of fish in their hands. Meanwhile Snowboarders finish their shoes and head to the Pitstop in Cathedral Square. What they need to figure out is that the name of the Pitstop is in one of the dancer’s dress or necklace. Ernie and Cindy, and Jeremy and Sandy’s shoes are not passing muster, and they need to work on it more. The fishy folks finish and flee fast.

Andy and Tommy read one the dancers’ necklaces and it says “Balboa” so they take off to that. Incorrectly. The other 3 teams are all enroute to the square. Andy and Tommy arrive in Balboa and look for a statue of Balboa, incorrectly. They get there and there’s no Phil. Back to the square they go.

The other 3 teams can’t figure out the Pitstop from the dancers anyway. Ernie and Cindy see Balboa and they head out to Balboa too. Jeremy sketches a building on one of dancers and shows that to their driver, correctly. Amani and Marcus head to Balboa too, incorrectly.

Jeremy and Sandy’s cab calls the other cabs and now they’re all going to the PitStop, correctly. Snowboarders get back to the dancers and figure out the clue to the Pitstop. It’s a footrace to the PitStop and Jeremy and Sandy are team number one, deservedly since they actually figured it out instead of just getting it from their chatty cab drivers. Ernie and Cindy are second. Amani and Marcus are third and those are the final three teams that will be racing to the finish line for one million dollars.

Unfortunately for the Snowboarders, they got screwed at just the wrong time. They are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the Amazing Race. Sucks for them, they totally deserved to win the whole shebang, having dominated like almost no other team ever. I’ll see you guys at the next Amazing Race All-Stars.

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