Amazing Race 19: ep12: Go Out and Get It Done (Finale)

We’re down to the final three teams in the Amazing Race as they race to the finish line. It’s Ernie and Cindy, Jeremy and Sandy and Amani and Marcus. Teams are in Panama as they begin the final leg. Jeremy and Sandy depart first to Atlanta where they have to go to Flight Safety International to get their next clue.

Marcus and Amani live in Atlanta, which might give them a huge edge in this leg. They depart third but all teams are on the same flight out, so equalized for the finale.

They land in Atlanta and it’s game on. They are scrambling to get the best cabs, with GPS and drivers with cell phones. Jeremey and Sandy arrive first. Teams get to go into a Lear Jet flight simulator and then land an aircraft in the simulator to receive their next clue.

Ernie and Cindy are unsuccessful in their first attempt as co-pilot Cindy can’t hold the airspeed. Marcus and Amani land the plane but it’s super rough. Jeremy and Sandy land theirs on their first try. Now they have to go to “The Dump”, which is the house from Gone with the Wind. Ernie and Cindy get it next, landing their pretend flight. Amani and Marcus still can’t land their flight after multiple tries.

It’s Marget Mitchell’s home but some random on the street tells Jeremy and Sandy it’s where Home Depot is now. I think they’re being sent to an actual dump. Ernie and Cindy call someone and get the right answer. Marcus and Amani still can’t land the plane. Jeremy and Sandy are at a store called The Dump. It’s a huge furniture store but they don’t realize they’re in the wrong spot.

Ernie and Cindy find the house and Roadblock! They have to go into the room where Gone with the Wind was written and type out the next clue on a broken typewriter. Ernie starts typing it out….slowly.

Jeremy and Sandy realize they’re in the wrong place. They get the sense to ask someone with a smartphone and figure it out.

Ernie has to figure out that there’s no 1 on the typewriter and he has to use the l instead. He slowly gets it and gets his clue. The clue is just 44-715-74. They have to figure out that it’s Hank Aaron’s uniform number, home run record and year he broke the record. They have to go to Turner Field. Jeremy and Sandy arrive at the Gone with the Wind house; Amani and Marcus are still in the flight simulator. Sandy starts typing.

Cindy weasels her way behind the front desk of a hotel to use their computer to look up her clue. It’s Marcus’ 12th attempt to land the plane and they finally get it. Ernie realizes that it’s Hank Aaron’s numbers and off to Turner Field they go. Sandy gets the typing clue quickly.

Ernie and Cindy now have to do a map challenge. This double billboard sized map has one of them hanging from a rope while filling in the places they’ve been. They have to run a rope through carabiner loops on all the spots they’ve been to. Cindy is up on the ropes, making quick work of the map. Jeremy and Sandy figure out the Turner Field clue fast, maybe they’re making up some time?

Cindy nails the map and get the clue to the Pit Stop at the Swan House. They’re driver’s GPS is messing up- recalculating. They’re totally lost. Recalculating.

Jeremy is started on the giant map but he missed Indonesia. He fixes it and they get the whole map. Surprisingly the Amazing Race only went to a small number of countries this year. Lot of 2 day runs in each. Jeremy and Sandy leave and they’re five minutes away.

Ernie and Cindy find the entrance and run to Phil at the finish line. Ernie and Cindy win the Amazing Race and one million dollars. Jeremy and Sandy follow soon behind in second. Amani and Marcus finish up in third.

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