Amazing Race 20: S20E02: You Know I’m Not as Smart as You

Second leg of the Amazing Race and off the go to a square. Brenchel is in third. They get to the town square but it’s an equalizer, they have to wait until morning. The female federal agents have been telling everyone they are schoolteachers… devious, ladies.

They’re all there, it’s sunrise, and here comes the man on the horse with their clue. Off to Salta, where they have to choose “Boil My Water” or “Light my Fire”. They have to assemble a solar panel and boil water in a tea kettle or gather firewood and clay, load it on a donkey and transport it one mile. Teams seem to be split between the two choices, although a lot of teams seem to go for the solar once they see it first while driving.

At this point it looks like they’re all doing solar panels. Bopper and Mark show up late but they’re cruising building this thing, surprisingly. Faster than PHD student Brendan. Art and JJ are totally lost looking for the “Light my Fire” part, they’re 8 km off course and they’re the only ones doing that challenge.

As the sun comes up, the in-progress solar panels start to get hot. Art and JJ find their spot and start gathering firewood. Most teams get their solar panel built and start waiting for the sun to warm up their pot. Mark and Bopper’s water boils first. They have to take an 18 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires now.

Art and JJ pass everyone else and finish up in 2nd place by doing the other challenge. Rachel and Dave follow in third. Brenchel in fourth, then the clowns. Vanessa and Ralph follow, then Elliott and Andrew, and Joey “Fitness” who if he says “we’re from New York” one more time, I will throw something at the TV. Nary and Jamie, female federal agent “teachers” are in last.

Teams get the bus station and four teams make it on the first 18 hour bus to Buenos Aires. There’s three busses total and crash!!!!!!!! Holy smokes one of the windows on one of the busses shattered. Duct tape and some plastic bags to repair it and they get passed by the third bus while on the side of the road!

They’re in Buenos Aires now and they have to go to Linares Cattle Market, the largest in the world. Teams have to calculate cattle and divide the total weight announced by the number of cows they count to find the average weight per cow while the auction is going on.

Country boy Mark is acting like he can do the math real fast, but he doesn’t get it on his first try. Two teams work together and they get it first and get to head to the pit stop- the Gromero, a giant tree in a square. Rachel is struggling without Brendan, getting all stressed out. Rachel and Dave and Art and JJ finished first and race to the Pit Stop. Big Brother Rachel is freaking out but is now working with Mark- and by “working with”, I mean copying him. They get it together and head off.

Aaaand Rachel starts to cry- oh jeez here we go again, Big Brother all over again. At the Pit Stop, Rachel and Dave finish in first and win a trip to Granada. Second first place finish in a row for them. Art and JJ are close behind. The last bus isn’t even in Buenos Aires yet. Bopper and Mark bop on in to third place, Brenchel in fourth. Kerri and Stacey (who haven’t even been shown this whole leg) finish next, then Nary and Jamie.

Back at the cattle auction, the clown is struggling with the math while the others pass him. Elliot and Andrew and Joey “Fitness” get it and head off. The clowns finally get it and are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the Amazing Race.

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