Amazing Race 20: S20E03: Bust Me Right in the Head with It

Rachel and Dave leave first, again for the third leg and fly off to Paraguay. They could be a target this leg. Art and JJ leave second after their miraculous comeback last leg- they speak Spanish so they could have an advantage. Those first teams try to get on standby on an earlier flight than the other teams. THen the other teas all arrive and try the same thing.

The first four get their standby tickets, everyone else has to take the second flight. And then Bopper and Mark and “teachers” Federal Agents get on standby too. 8:45am they all leave, next flight is almost 2 hours later. Brenchel is pissed!

Tames are in Asuncion, Paraguay where they have to take a taxi to a playground sales place. Art and JJ find their clue inside a barbecue. They have to either go to ta fruit market where they have to stack watermelons in a 10×10 pyramid or go to an auditorium and attach 36 strings to a harp. All four teams choose stacked up, piling watermelons. Seems like a smart choice to me (and more fun for sure).

And here comes the pack, landing at the airport. Dave is yelling at Rachel about stacking the watermelons. And the other teams are all going for stacked up too. The twins are doing the strings for some reason. At least they’ll be indoors in this heat and humidity.

Art and JJ finish first and head to the Plaza de Democracia. Uh-oh, all other team’s piles of watermelons just collapsed! Rachel and Dave have the Express Pass but they decide to switch over to the other detours, Bopper and Mark do too. Then the steal the Mississippi girl’s cab, those girls switch tasks too when they see the collapsed piles.

Art and JJ are on the next task, they have to do a dance routine while balancing bottles on their head. If they break all the bottles on their table, they get a 2 hour penalty. After breaking 3 almost right away, he’s probably better off just breaking them all and waiting.

Brenchel decides quickly to leave the watermelon challenge, after a minor spat with Vanessa. Meanwhile Art completes the dance and they get to make their way on foot to a monument for the next Pit Stop. They are waaaay ahead of everyone. Well done gentlemen. They win a trip for 2 to the Bahamas.

The first few teams arrive at the string challenge; Elliot and Andrew and Bopper and Mark along with Kerri and Stacey Missiissppi. Rachel and Dave decide to use their Express Pass. The strings are all tied in knots, teams are way less stressed than the watermelon people. The brothers are arguing; Bopper and Mark and working well together. Hmm Dave and Rachel still have to do a Roadblock with the bottles even though they used the Express Pass. Dave’s about to break them all and take the penalty. I think the’ll be ok.

Back at the strings Brenchel flies through it and finishes first, heading to the bottle dancing in 3rd place. Bopper and Mark are close behind. Joey Fitness finishes the watermelon challenge and heads off. Vanessa and Ralph are dealing with falling piles of watermelons. SHe wants to stay with it, he wants to head to the harps.

Kerri and Stacy Missiissippi finish their harp and head off, Nary and Jamie “teachers” follow close behind. Elliott and Andrew are still struggling and decided to head over to watermelons. Smartly they decide to retry the harp rather than switch. Ralph wants to start over and finish his watermelons.

Rachel, is not surprisingly good at balancing bottles on her head and they head off quickly. Joey Fitness has a flat head too. Kerri is having trouble. Rachel makes it to the PitStop, crying and nearly throws up on the mat. Joey Fitness and the other guy are team number three, as Rachel and Dave wait out their penalty.

Mark finishes the bottle task then Federal Agent Nary does too. Bopper and Mark finish as team number 4, Nary and Jamie team number 5, Dave and Rachel for the first time ever on the Amazing Race did not complete a challenge yet stay in the race at number 6.

Kerri and Stacy finish and it’s down to Andrew and Elliott and Vanessa and Ralph as darkness falls. Andrew starts off the bottle challenge first. Vanessa and Ralph are fully expecting to be last but they see Andrew still doing the challenge! They are back in it. That’s Amazing (race).

It’s a Ralph vs. Elliott battle to balance the bottle. They’re both dropping it. But Ralph gets it! Ralph gets it! Vanessa and Ralph run off to the Pitstop. Elliot finishes close behind and they take off sprinting. Vanessa and Ralph finish in 8th and stay in the Race. The twins finish last and are eliminated from the Amazing Race.

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