Amazing Race 20: S20E04: A Taste of Your Salami

Teams are recovering from the last leg in Paraguay where they are heading out on the fourth leg in a race around the world. Teams have to fly 6,000 miles to Turin, Italy, grab a Ford Focus and head to the Lincotto Building.

Art and JJ get to the travel agency to find out that the flight will land them in Italy over 24 hours later. They roll out to the airport get something to eat. Brenchel heads out next, along with the other teams and go to a travel agency (except Mark and Bopper who go to the airport only to find Art and JJ who send them back to the travel agency). There’s two flights and the first one is getting filled up. The second flight arrives an hour and 25 minutes later and Bopper and Mark are stuck on it unless they can get on standby. No such luck.

All the other teams get into their Ford Foci, and start driving the confusing streets of Turin. Art and JJ and Brenchel find the building and there’s a huge ramp around the whole inside of the building to get to the top. Vanessa and Ralph and Nary and Jamie are close behind. Fast Forward! Teams can head right to the pitstop if they go for it. The roadblock requires them to rappel down the inside of the spiral middle of the building. The fast forward has them landing a toy r/c helicopter onto their partner’s head.

Big Brother Rachel is the first to rappel as Art and JJ go for the Fast Forward. Joey “Fitness” joins her. They have to grab clues on the way down. Rachel cruises down and they’re in first place as they head to the Automotive Museum and search for a 1916 Ford car. Rachel and Dave are fighting the whole time, in the car and out. Nary and Jamie are struggling with the rappelling.

Brendan gets to the museum and the car self-parks itself. Rachel is somehow pissed at him. They’re fighting too, over god knows what. Meanwhile Art and JJ still can’t land the mini-helicopter. Finally they get it and get to process to the Pit Stop.

The Missiissippi girls finally get to the rappelling building. Bopper and Mark are still driving around.

Brenchel find the antique are and the clue is just a penny with a building on it. Joey Fitness and Danny find it. Dave and Rachel fight, find it, fight, get directions, fight, start driving, and fight. Brenchel are still fighting too, Rachel is crying- what else is new?

Art and JJ, Fast Forward completed, get to the Pit Stop as team number 1. $5000 each is awarded by Phil.

Joey Fitness and Danny reach the building on the coin and take the elevator to the top. They have a Detour, either clean a statue or name that salami; tasting 14 salamis and heading across town to taste the same ones and name them from memory. Teams, smartly, are all choosing to clean the statue. Oh geez, more crying Rachel.

Team Brenchel goes for the salami… why? At least they get there quickly.

Over at the automotive museum, Bopper and Mark have caught up to Mississippi. The girls choose the salami too when they get up to it.

Rachel and Dave get to the statue cleaning first, Vanessa and Ralph, close behind and Joey Fitness. Teams are scrubbing and powerwashing their statues, all of which seem to have non-attached heads on them. Rachel and Dave finish first and head off to the Pit Stop, finishing in 2nd for the leg, fighting the whole way.

Brenchel is trying the salami multiple times, getting it wrong a few times and heading back for more tastes. Kerri and Stacey arrive at the salami too. Oh geez, more Rachel crying over how poorly they are doing. What a drama queen. Brendan says they’re off the Race? They stay in and try again. Finally they get it.

Joey Fitness and Danny finish in third. Vanessa and Ralph in fourth. Nary and Jamie are team number five. Brenchel finish as team number six. Kerri and Stacey are number seven.

Only Bopper and Mark are out there. They clean the statue quickly and finish in last place. Phil makes them cry. Art and JJ come over and say they will split the money they won with Bopper and Mark for their kids; class act guys, classy. HOWEVER, this is a non-elimination leg and Bopper and Mark are still racing on.

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