Amazing Race 20: S20E05: Uglier Than a Mud Rail Fence

Teams are in Turin, Italy, JJ and Art won the last leg and are leaving first via train Ehrwald, Austria and head across the border to Bavaria. They have a huge lead, over three hours. Joey Fitness and Danny have ridiculous hats on. Oh geez Rachel is calling Brendan “bookie” now.

The other teams all get on their trains, Bopper and Mark are hours and hours behind and they have a Speed Bump this leg. All teams have a layover on the train in Innsbruck and everyone seems to have caught up at his equalizer stop, except Art and JJ who are already in Ehrwald.

And now all the teams are catching up to Art and JJ at the Detour. Teams have t o choose Fairy Tale, following a trail of gingerbread and find a witch and make a gingerbread house. They can choose Champion Male, and shape a world champion man’s beard. First few teams all choose to style the beard. Really?

Rachel and Dave get styling. Joey Fitness and Danny choose the longest bearded man and start styling with the gel and blow dryer. Art and JJ start working the beards next. Meanwhile the unchosen bearded men get drinking the beers.

Bopper and Mark get their Speed Bump. They need to yodel a specific tune. That’s gotta be hard. First try… not so good.

Art and JJ rock the beard and must find the castle that was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

It’s snowing pretty bad as the teams do the gingerbread trail- Bopper and Mark, Kerri and Stacy and Brenchel. They are all making their way along the trail, finding gingerbread bits. Bopper and Mark find the witch first and start building their gingerbread house- Brenchel and Mississsippi close behind. The witch is kinda creepy with the giant nose.

Joey Fitness and Dannny are having trouble with the beard. Federal agent “teachers” finally get going on their beard.

Art and JJ take a horse and carriage up the hill to the castle- is that legal? Everyone else starts walking up the hill. It’s a long way up the hill, maybe the horse and buggy is better? Inside the awesome castle, which s incredibly ornate, Art and JJ get their next clue and have to drive to an ice hockey rink.

Vanessa and Ralph are fighting all the way up the hill to the castle. And all the way back down the hill too.

Oh geese, Rachel is on the verge of tears. Brendan tells her to keep it together. Rachel and Dave and the federal agents Nary and Jamie are at he wrong castle and have to take a whole tour of the castle to realize they have the wrong one. Despite the setback they are still in 4th and 5th places. Brenchel gets the castle right and makes up some time.

Art and JJ have slide their Travelocity gnome across the ice and land it on a bullseye, like curling. That’s hard but they get it and head to Landhannes Farm for Pit Stop in this leg of the race. Joey Fitness and Danny are close behind as are the made up Ralph and Vanessa.

Art and JJ roll into the Pit Stop, first- again! They win a trip for 2 to Thailand. Nice. Joey Fitness and Danny are team number 2.

Bopper is darn near having an asthma attack on the way up to the top of the castle. Vanessa and Ralph roll in as team number 3 at the Pit Stop. Rachel and Dave make up some time and end up in fourth as the other teams all do their gnome curling. Brendan wipes the hell out on the mat at the Pit Stop- epic finish as team number five.

It’s down to the curling with Nary and Jamie and Kerri and Stacy. Kerri and Stacy finish just before the feds and off they all race to the Pit Stop. Uh oh- Kerri and Stacy are asking for directions and are lost. Maybe if they actually listened to the guy giving directions. Meanwhile Bopper and Mark, against all odds are back in it, finishing in 6th. Ohhhh snap, Nary and Jamie passed them and finished in 7th. Kerri and Stacy you are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the Amazing Race by Phil’s raised eyebrow.

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