Amazing Race 20: S20E06: This is Wicked Strange

Teams are in Bavaria ready to start the 6th leg of the Amazing Race. Art and JJ depart first, flying to Azerbaijan, the land of fire. Joey Fitness and Danny, in their retro 80’s winter gear, leave next. Nice glasses, buddy. Vanessa and Ralph next, hopefully they won’t be fighting the entire leg today. Rachel and Dave are next, followed by Brenchel who go to a travel agency and book tickets before going to the airport. Bopper and Mark are next, they think it’s in Africa lol. Nary and Jamie are heading up the rear.

It looks like there’s only one flight and they’re all going to be on Turkish Airlines. Now they’re in Baku, Azerbijan heading to the temple of fire- Temple Ateshgah. There’s drummers and dancers and lots of fire pits. A sign on the door says open at sunrise. Teams spend the time waiting by dancing. Morning comes and there’s a Fast Forward where teams have to find a hay market and unload 150 bales, stack them properly.

Rachel and Dave and Joey Fitness and Danny head to the Fast Forward. They start making their 3x5x10 stacks of hay bales. That’s a lot of hay. Rachel and Dave are moving faster than the other two, somehow and win the Fast Forward.

The rest of the teams are riding in maniacal taxi cabs. Enough for Mark to have to take out the barf bag and start hurling. Art and JJ are at Occupational Training International, as do the other teams and look for their clue. Bopper and Mark find it first; Roadblock- teams have to do a helicopter ditch training exercise- escaping from a simulated underwater crash. They all go at the same time, it doesn’t seem that hard really. Cool to do though. Now they have to go to a carpet shop.

At the Pit Stop, Rachel and Dave roll on up in first thanks to the Fast Forward and each win a 2013 Ford Taurus SHO. Sweet!

The second group of teams do the underwater challenge. Brendan does it well. Vanessa is next and nervous about being in an enclosed space underwater. She can’t push out the window at first but gets it soon enough. Joey Fitness and Danny arrive at this last.

The lead pack of four finds the carpet shop and their clue. Detour. Apple or Oil. In apples- teams have to search a group of cars to find a specific marked apple in piles of thousands. In oil they have to clean up a client after he’s soaked himself in oil. Everyone but Nary and Jamie choose oil.

Vanessa and Ralph are completely oblivious in the carpet shop, can’t find the clue even though it’s obvious. They choose apples too.

Oil teams are scraping oil off hairy men while Nary and Jamie pull boxes and boxes of apples out of the cars looking for their marked apple.

Art and JJ finish scrubbing a man of oil and get to head out to the pit stop and finish as team number two. Bopper and Mark leave next in third. Brenchel follows close behind.

Joey Fitness and Danny choose apples, as Nary and Jamie and Vanessa and Ralph are still digging through the apples. Nary and Jamie find their marked apple and head out to the pit stop.

Bopper and Mark finish third, Brenchel in fourth. Nary and Jamie finish fifth.

Vanessa and Ralph find their marked apple before Joey Fitness and Danny even start digging for apples. Vanessa and Ralph’s cab driver takes off to find directions as Joey Fitness finds the apple really quickly and they take off towards the Pit Stop. We’ve got a race on our hands now, or so the editors want us to think. Phil points and Vanessa and Ralph finish in sixth.

Joey Fitness and Danny are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the Amazing Race. Not their day today.

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