Amazing Race 20: S20E07: I Didn’t Make Her Cry

Teams are starting the 7th leg of the Amazing Race departing at night on their way to Africa! Tanzania here they come. No flights until the next morning for Dave and Rachel. Art and JJ are second, followed by Bopper and Mark who can’t pronounced Tanzania. Brenchel leaves next and arrives at the same travel agency as Art and JJ who try to get the travel agent to talk quietly to avoid spilling their top secret travel plans. Nary and Jamie leave 5th, Vanessa and Ralph.

Nary and Jamie’s cover is exposed by Art and JJ who know they’re cops or something and not teachers. They reveal this info to Brenchel and Mark and Bopper. Nary and Jamie show up next and Brendan tells them they are busted! They’re ok with it, whatchyagonna do.

All teams are on the same flight from Baku to Nairobi and then on to Tanzania. Brendan pisses off half the other teams by pushing them in the airport and then getting into a verbal argument in line to transfer. Rachel starts arguing with her namesake as well to the amusement of the other teams. Art and JJ confront Nary and Jamie in the airport about their jobs wanting to know what they do exactly but Nary and Jamie ain’t budging on their kindergarten teachers story.

Kiliminjaro bound! Teams are heading to the Arusha airstrip to take one of three prop plane flights somewhere. Art and JJ get on the first charter flight along with Brenchel. Bopper and Mark and Nary and Jamie on the next flight, ther set not the third with 15 minute increments between each.

The flight is beautiful, just gorgeous scenery and herds of wild animals from above. Breathtaking as they fly over the volcano. THe land in the mountains and jump into a safari vehicle with a driver and direct him to the edge of a crater. A bunch of dudes with spears give them directions. Zebras abound in the grass on the sides of the road.

The first two teams arrive at the Masai warrior and it’s a detour. THey have to either ride a bike to a village and train to hunt with a throwing stick or learn a jumping ritual. Art and JJ are doing the throwing, Brenchel the jumping. They are all outfitted in traditional garb. The jumping seems easy and Brenchel is done quickly. Heading back up the hill afterwards on bike is much harder. They finish up as Mark and Bopper and Rachel and Dave arrive.

Bopper and Mark do the jumping and they’re quickly in third place while Rachel and Dave struggle with the throwing. They finish up soon enough though. The last two teams arrive as Vanessa can’t ride the tall bike and keeps falling off. Ralph is telling her how to do it but she won’t listen.

Art and JJ drive past the next stop as Rachel and Dave arrive first and Brenchel have to turn around and drive back towards it too. They have to build their tent and camp for the night before checking into the Pit Stop. Art and JJ are way lost before they realize it.

Vanessa and Ralph are in last place and acting as though they’ve already lost the race. There’s a lot of heavy pieces needed to set up this tent and campsite. Vanessa and Ralph show up at the last task and they’re back in it. Rachel and Dave are arguing the whole time. Art and JJ are moving fast on this one. Nary and Jamie are falling behind. Mark and Bopper finish first but they’re not quite done per the check. Rachel and Dave end up finishing first and drive off to the Pit Stop. Bopper and Mark are next.

Rachel and Dave finish as team number one and they win a trip for two to Costa Rica courtesy of Travelocity. Bopper and Mark are second to finish. Art and JJ finish in third, followed closely by Brenchel.

It’s down to Nary and Jamie and Ralph and Vanessa to finish making camp. Vanessa and Ralph finish next and finish in fifth. Nary and Jamie, the “teachers” finish in last place. They get to see some elephants on the way to the Pit Stop and Phil gives them the surprise good news, it’s a non-elimination leg and they still have a shot to win the Amazing Race! They have a Speed Bump coming up sometime next leg though. Wooooohoooo.

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