Amazing Race 20: S20E08: Let Them Drink Their Haterade

Teams are still in Tanzania and Phil is showing off the beauty of the country. 6:03 in the morning and Rachel and Dave depart on safari into the crater and to Safari Junction where they have to find Hillary Clinton? Bopper hurt his knee the last leg. Everyone wants Brenchel out, and there’s a double U-Turn ahead. The ride on the crater is phenomenal, beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife in from of them, lions, zebras, gazelles, ostrich, hyenas, giraffes, elephants, baboons. Wow.

Race is on as they arrive in town, and there’s the Hillary Clington stand and the detour. It’s either Water Supply of Air Supply. Teams have to either fill up and deliver a cart full of water, while waiting on a long line to get it or they have to work with a local mechanic and fix a flat bicycle tire. Rachel and Dave and Bopper and Mark choose the bikes.

Art and JJ arrive next and choose water. The two bike teams quickly remove the tire and find the holes. Art and JJ get to the water line and estimate it’s a 30-40 minute wait. Brenchel shows up next and heads to the air supply bicycles. Dave and Rachel’s tire patch didn’t hold, they have to do it over, while Bopper and Mark’s is good and they get to move on foot to a pub about 3km away. Brenchel shows up at the bikes as Dave finishes their tire. Nary and Jamie, are 3 and half hours back, finally just leaving to get started on this leg.

Bopper and Mark arrive at the pub and there’s a Double U-Turn. They don’t use it and get to move via taxi to Gem Gallery. Rachel and Dave don’t U-Turn anyone. Vanessa and Ralph are still in town, they can’t find Hillary Clington. They end up at Air Supply without even finding the clue to it yet. They finally find it and choose Air Supply, of course, since they know where it is. Meanwhile, Art and JJ finally get their buckets of water filled.

Rachel and Dave beat Bopper and Mark to Gem Gallery but they are neck and neck driving to the next stop. Art and JJ deliver their water and head off to the pub. They think they’re in first since nobody’s been U-Turned yet. They U-Turn Brendan and Rachel- ouch. Art and JJ think they had a deal with Rachel and Dave to use the U-Turn, they are going to be pissed when they find out they didn’t keep their word. Brenchel finishes Air Supply and heads off the pub.

Nary and Jamie can’t find Hillary Clington either. Art and JJ arrive at the Gem Gallery and find out they’re in third, no idea it’s Rachel and Dave. Brenchel gets to use the U-Turn on Vanessa and Ralph. They finish the bicycle and join Brenchel in the water task. Nary and Jamie are doing the bicycle task.

Art and JJ arrive at the task and they have to don a beekeepers suit and harvest honey. Rachel and Dave are right behind. Mark and Dave go for the honey.

Brenchel wait on the huge line and start dragging the cart. Rachel and Dave aren’t even in line yet. Rachel is dropping the buckets and getting pissed at Brendan.

Both the honey teams finish and make their way on foot to Lake Manyara. Art and JJ arrive at the bee task and they are pissed at Dave and Rachel for not using the U-Turn. Art and JJ say you’re on your own now guys, it’s everyone for themselves. It’s a footrace to the lake, Mark and Bopper vs. Rachel and Dave. Finishing first is Bopper and Mark!!!! Their first finish in first. They win a trip for 2 to Hawaii!! Nice.

Art and JJ finish in third and they are pissed as hell off at Rachel and Dave. Brenchel finishes the second task, ahead of Vanessa and Ralph and Nary and Jamie and move on. Nary and Jamie are in last. Vanessa and Ralph, after she says how good their luck with cabs is, gets a flat tire! Nary and Jamie have a shot. Nary and Jamie catch up to them at Gem Gallery! Buuut Nary and Jamie have to do their Speed Bump now. They have to set up an art display stand.

At the bee task, Rachel is doing the beehive. They make their way to the next Pit Stop and finish as team number 4. Not bad for being double U-turned. Ralph straps on the beekeepers suit and harvests some honey.

Nary and Jamie finish and head out to the farm. Meanwhile Vanessa and Ralph have finished the bees and finish as team number five. Nary and Jamie finish up in last. Their late start was too much to overcome. This time they are eliminated from the Amazing Race.

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