Amazing Race 20: S20E09: Bollywood Travolta

Start of the leg and Bopper’s leg is in trouble, he’s having a medic look at it but he gets the ok to continue and they depart first to Cochin, India where they have to take a bus to Sacred Heart College. The flight doesn’t leave until the next morning. Art and JJ are still pissed at Dave and Rachel for not U-Turning.

Vanessa and Ralph are on a different flight athan everyone else and they arrive first, but the other teams all catch up in the Indian airport. To the bus station they all run off. Rachel and Dave are on the first bus. Bopper and Mark are on the last bus out. Hopefully Mark’s motion sickness doesn’t act up on the open-windowed bus.

Dave and Rachel make it to the roadblock. They need to work on the set of a Bollywood movie and perform a dance routine for the director. Rachel chooses to the do the dance, followed quickly by JJ. The other Rachel is doing it too.

On the last bus Mark is making good use of his barf bag. Maybe if you have really bad motion sickness you shouldn’t be on the Amazing Race, I’m just saying.

JJ is struggling with the dance moves. Despite that, JJ is the first to try it out onstage for the director. Mark just showed put to dance too. JJ’s attempt is terrible and he goes back to practice. Rachel (of and Dave) gives it a shot and it looks pretty good and the director agrees and gives her the yellow clue which has them heading to an Indian Coffee House.

Now Vanessa is attempting it on the stage and its a no go, she screwed up. Rachel (of and Brendan) gives it a shot and it’s a no too.

At the next Detour, Rachel and Dave have to either hit a cricket ball or learn to drive a rickshaw. They choose rickshaw with Rachel giving i the first shot, unsuccessfully around the obstacles. Dave takes over instead and he hits the pole too. Another try and he makes it. Rachel now has to do it.

Back at the dancing, JJ has failed in his 2nd attempt. Rachel gives it another shot and she’s too late on the moves and jumps off all pissed off. Big Mark’s about to pass out but he’s giving it a shot. Rachel is crying, what else is new? Mark’s try is a sweaty fail. Vanessa’s third attempt is good! Ralph and Vanessa take off in 2nd place.

Rachel’s on attempt number four now and it’s good! The three girls have all done it while the two dudes are left standing. Fourth attempt for JJ and he gets the yellow envelope! Mark is still there, sucking on water, sweating his ass off. He gives it his third attempt and it’s no good.

Over at the rickshaw driving area, Rachel’s doing good and they pass the test and get the clue to head to the palace which is the next Pit Stop.

Vanessa and Ralph choose the rickshaw driving test too. Brenchel shows up and they choose cricket, Art and JJ choose it too. It’s not as easy to hit the cricket ball as it looks.

Back at the dancing Mark’s on his 6th attempt and it’s still a no. Bopper’s worried he’s gonna pass out. 7th attempt and it’s no good either. Bopper’s telling him to wrap it up, let’s go home. Mark says, I go this.

At Bolgatty Island, Rachel and Dave finish in first place. Thanks Phil. They win a trip for 2 to St. Lucia. This is their 5th first place finish!

Vanessa is a horrible driver but she gets it eventually. At cricket, Brendan gets the first hit. JJ follows quickly with one too. It’s up to Art or Rachel to get a hit too. Rachel gets the point and they’re moving on to the Pit Stop. Art is still striking out. Ralph finishes the driving, Art gets his hit and off they all go.

Mark’s on his exhausting 11th attempt and it’s still no good. Bopper still wants to give up, Mark says not yet.

Brenchel finishes at the Pit Stop as team number 2. Mark throws in the towel, he doesn’t want something to happen to him so he wouldn’t be there for his kids. He starts getting out of his costume but Bopper convinces him to give it one more shot, for his kids. Attempt number 12 and they give it to him (probably out of pity but whatever). Moving on!

Art and JJ finish at the Pit Stop mat in third. Vanessa and Ralph just seconds behind them in fourth.

Mark and Bopper do their rickshaw driving test and make it to the Pit Stop as the last team to arrive. They start welling up and crying before Phil tells them it’s a non-elimination leg! They have a Speed Bump next leg but they’re back in the Amazing Race. Kentucky is getting lucky.

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