Amazing Race 20: S20E10: I Need Hair to be Pretty

The Amazing Race goes on with Bopper and Mark still racing here in India. Teams have to take off for the tenth leg, starting with Rachel and Dave at 6:53am heading to a nearby temple. Brendan and Rachel are about a half hour behind them. Art and JJ are next to leave followed closely by Vanessa and Ralph.

Art and JJ are having trouble finding a rickshaw taxi that knows where the temple is. Mark and Bopper are 3 hours behind to start and Mark is lying down with an IV in his arm, suffering from heatstroke still. Uh, not good.

Rachel and Dave arrive at the temple and have to head to a mats store or some sort. They can’t do the Fast Forward this week. But next arriving Brenchel certainly can and go for it. Vanessa and Ralph skip the Fast Forward, as do Art and JJ.

Rachel and Dave’s rickshaw has to stop for gas; this can put them behind a bit maybe.

At the Fast Forward Brenchel has to both shave their heads!!!!! Ho-lee-shit. Don’t do it Rachel! You’re 3 hours ahead of Bopper and Mark, you don’t need the Fast Forward. She chooses not to. Crying, of course. Brendan makes her feel bad about it, why dude?

At the next Pit Stop, teams have to spin forty feet of coconut husks into a rope. Both Dave and Ralph give it a shot, along with Art. Everyone’s neck and neck on this one. It’s not easy to do. Brendan catches up and does it too. Oh snap, what if Bopper and Mark do the Fast Forward? After weaving the long rope, part two fo the task has them winding up a long rope around a spool. Dave’s hands are getting all cut up.

Vanessa and Ralph finish first but she takes a bad spill running to the next task. She twisted her ankle, she walks it off. Rachel and Dave are close behind. Art tries to shit talk Rachel, saying Bopper’s gonna take the Fast Forward and she would look good with a shaved head. As they leave that task, Bopper and Mark finally get started on this leg.

Teams have to find a barber who is under a tree (only in India, right?) This detour has them choosing between pachyderm- decorating an elephant and transporting 50lbs of manure, or pack a box, where they have to fill and deliver 10 boxes of ginger. Rachel and Dave, Vanessa and Ralph both choose elephant. As does Brenchel. Art and JJ are alone in pack-a-box.

Bopper and Mark arrive at their Speed Bump, which they have to do since they were saved last leg. They need to paint a tiger on the belly of a chubby dancer- yuck. They get started.

At the ginger boxing task, Art and JJ are still badmouthing Rachel for not cutting her hair at the Fast Forward. At the elephant task, they all have the women atop the elephant and start dressing the animals. Rachel and Dave finish first and start moving the first of 15 (!!!) wheelbarrows of manure. The other two teams are close behind.

The pack-a-box task is very tedious, they have to shake out the ginger through sifters first, then pack and weigh each box, which they had previously stenciled.

Bopper and Mark are up the Fast Forward, they go take a chance and go to the place to see if anyone has done it yet.

Meanwhile Rachel and Dave are done shoveling shit and get to take a ferry to their next Pit Stop by the massive fishing nets. Vanessa and Ralph are close behind. Brenchel close back in third.

Rachel and Dave have a 3 minute head start as they wait on the ferry to leave. Dave offers the ferryman rupees to leave… and he does! Brenchel and Vanessa and Ralph are stuck on the dock watching the ferry go.

Art and JJ are only halfway through packing their boxes, and it’s exhausting them. They are moving slower and slower as Bopper and Mark are still in transit to the hair cut Fast Forward.

Rachel and Dave get off the ferry and run to the Pit Stop in first place! Team number one. $10,000 each is awarded by Phil- wow! They have 6 first place wins, one short of the record. Brenchel is close behind in second and Vanessa and Ralph are in third- virtually tied. On the mat, Vanessa accuses Brendan of miscounting the wheelbarrow loads. Vanessa and Rachel just start going at each other. They sort of make up and hand shake.

Art gets a bad cut on his hand lifting up the boxes of ginger. They finishing packing them and start transporting them across town which is just as hard.

Bopper and Mark hit the Fast Forward and they go for the head shave. Except that Mark’s already got his head shaved! They give him a little touch up. Art and JJ finally finish and they head out to the ferry. Bopper and Mark make their way out there too. Art and JJ are stuck in traffic on their way to the ferry. It’s a race to the finish, who will arrive at the mat first- it’s Art and JJ!

Finishing in fifth, too little too late, too much to overcome, Bopper and Mark are last and eliminated from the Amazing Race.

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