Amazing Race 20: S20E11: It’s a Great Place to Become Millionaires (Finale)

Season finale baby! Teams are flying from India to Hiroshima Japan. Rachel and Dave leave first and head to the travel agency to book tickets. It looks like all teams are on the same flight, Brendan and Rachel, Art and JJ, and Vanessa and Ralph too. Vanessa’s ankle looks all swollen and bruised.

They land and Art and JJ and Vanessa and Ralph pick up tickets at the machine and get on the bus. Brendan and Rachel miss the bus by not getting tickets right away; they’re on the next bus, fighting with each other.

First bus arrives and they’re all trying to figure out how to get train tickets to get to the island where their next clue is. Brenchel befriended someone on the bus who gave them all the info on how to buy tix and they actually bypass all the other clueless teams struggling to figure it out. Dave and Rachel miss the train, the other three are all caught up on the first train.

The train arrives and now they’re buying ferry tickets to the island. The first three are on the last ferry for the night and it leaves before Dave and Rachel get on the boat! Huge advantage for the other three teams! Next ferry is not for 7 hours. They get a room for the night nearby.

The island-bound racers arrive and there’s a sign saying “your clue arrives with the rising sun”. There goes the advantage, especially since it’s still dark at 6:15am when Dave and Rachel finally get a ferry. A man shows up with their clues; they need to go to Hiroshima Peace Park. The teams all pause to take a moment at the sight of the burnt out building. They have to travel to Osaka now via bullet train!

They have to make their way to a TV studio. Vanessa and Ralph and Art and JJ take cabs, the other two teams take the train. The cab is faster. Art and JJ hit the Roadblock and one has to “bring home the chicken” in a crazy Japanese game show. They have to sprint on a treadmill like running track and jump up to grab three rubber chickens hanging from the ceiling. Art is falling all over the place. Vanessa and Ralph are at the wrong place.

Art finishes it, hilariously, and they have to head to the Sky Tower. Vanessa arrives and suits up for the chicken challenge, as does Brendan and Rachel. Bredna breakin rocks the hell out it. Vanesssa’s bum ankle is killing her. Rachels’s doing Ok but having trouble jumping for the chickens. Brendan finishes quickly, followed by Rachel. Ralph is telling Vanessa to take the penalty but she thinks she can do it. She keeps trying it, it looks painful. She’s doing it though! She finally makes it!

Art and JJ arrive at the floating observatory. They have a choice of Detours- either pick up sushi and put it on a bingo card, or take 10 photos with a cardboard cutout. Art and JJ choose sushi. Brenchel chooses sushi too. Rachel and Dave are fighting over his bag being unzipped. Rachel and Dave choose photos, Vanessa and Ralph sushi..

Art and JJ arrive at sushi bingo which looks like a lot of fun even though they have no idea what’s going on. Vanessa and Ralph’s cab driver is lost. Brenchel is getting it, putting sushi on their bingo grid.

Rachel and Dave are having trouble getting people to take photos with the sumo cutouts. But they get it going and start getting some photos and complete the task first, heading to Osaka Castle for the Pit Stop!

Art and JJ finish their sushi, then eat their sushi and take off in a cab to the castle. Vanessa and Ralph finally arrive at sushi. Rachel is crying because Brendan isn’t giving her the right sushi pieces.

Dave and Rachel quickly arrive at the Pit Stop as team number 1! Again. They tied the record for most legs won with 7 first place finishes. They win a trip to New Zealand.

Brenchel gets sushi, eats and leaves. Art and JJ are at the castle but can’t find the Pit Stop. Vanessa and Ralph quickly get sushi and take off. Rachel and Brendan zip past Art and JJ and now they’re all lost at the castle ground looking for the finish. Art and JJ finally find Phil and the mat and are team number 2. It’s a footrace to the finish and Brenchel finds Phil first and are team number 3, the final team racing to the finish for the one million dollars.

Vanessa and Ralph, you are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the Amazing Race.

Final leg and all teams are heading to Hawaii! On the same flight.

Dave and Rachel’s cab is first, Art and JJ are trying to follow them but the cab loses the other. They arrive at a large building and have to hoist themselves up a rope, look for the clue then rappel down. Art and JJ are lost, they haven’t solved the clue to their destination yet. They stop in to a hotel to get directions, the guy at the hotel gives them total wrong answers. They get to the statue of a boogie boarder and have to ask someone else, who gives them the right answer.

Dave and Rachel make it to the top of the building and quickly spot the clue in a park across the way. They start to rappel down- face first, reverse Batman style. Scary stuff. Brendan and Rachel make it to the top, see the next clue and start to climb down too.

Art and JJ finally arrive and start climging up the building. JJ doesn’t like heights.

Dave and Rachel make it to the Roadblock. They have to use a samurai sword to shave a block of ice. Brenchel shows up close behind. The two men shave the ice. They finish and make their way on foot to some helicopters in the park. Up and away they go.

Oh snap Brenchel takes the car instead of making their way on foot! Penalty ahead! Art and JJ make their way on foot and beat Rachel and Brendan who are lost in a cab they shouldn’t have been in. They now have to drive all the way back to undo their mess-up.

Rachel and Dave land and they are at a beach, they have to ride a waverunner and do a mock rescue in the surf. They quickly rescue the swimmer and drag him back to shore. They jump in a cab to their next clue and their cabbie quickly gets lost and backtracks.

Brenchel is back and now Rachel’s crying as they walk to the helicopter. She’s already given up.

Art and JJ do the rescue task really quickly.

Rachel and Dave arrive at the next task, which is a stand-up paddleboard across a lake.

Art and JJ have to ride a sled down a grassy hill. Multiple tries and he keeps falling off before passing the designated line.

Rachel and Dave arrive at the finish line but UH-OH they didn’t follow the marked path and didn’t do the Roadblock that Art and JJ are now doing with the sled. Epic error! They start heading back to the Coral Kingdom Gate where the Roadblock is.

Art and JJ’s lead is gone. Brenchel just finished the rescue task, they’re not far behind. Art keeps trying the sled over and over. Rachel gives it a try and falls off it. Art keeps trying as Rachel makes it past the line. Now she has to roll stone balls into a goal.

Art’s tries the sled 16 times already. Rachel rolls the ball in. Now they get the clue and have to go to the secret island. They hop in an ATV and make their way.

Big Brother shows up at the sled part and Rachel does the sled on her second try.

Rachel and Dave do the paddleboard across the lake, again.

Big Brother Rachel starts to roll the stones towards the goal as Art finally makes it down on the sled.

Rachel and Dave run down to the beach, again, to Phil on the mat at the finish line and Rachel and Dave are the winners of the one million dollars and the official winners of the Amazing Race. Record win too with their 8th leg won! Art and JJ finish in second, Brenchel in third. Congrats Rachel and Dave, you deserved this one. Great race.

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