Amazing Race 20: S20E01: Tears of a Clown

Phil Keoughan is in California’s wine country on a bicycle! The teams are all in a bike pack riding behind him. 11 teams this season, starting with married clowns, lifelong friends from Kentucky who apparently eat dinner in their garages, sisters from San Diego that both play golf, Brenchel from Big Brother! Brenchel yes! Brenchel ugh! Best guido friends from Long Island, a pair of women federal agents who can handle a machine gun, a married couple from Wisconsin who are having trouble because he was away in the Army, twin brothers- one a rock musician one a pro soccer player; a pair of wacky country chicks; a dating couple, both previously married and divorced; a pair of border patrol agents from Southern California.

Competition looks pretty tough this year, a lot of athletic and smart looking people. 12 legs in a race around the world. Phil tells us the winner of the first leg gets an Express Pass they can use at any point up to the 8th. $1 million is up for grabs. Their first clue is one of a hundred hovering mini-hot air balloons tethered to the ground. Teams have to race into the vineyard and pull them down to find the 11 with the clues. The balloons go back up after being pulled down, so teams could be here a while pulling the same ones over and over.

Teams who get the clue find out they have to fly to Santa Barbara… Argentina. A video insides their car tells them everything. Off to LAX the first five teams head off. The golf playing sisters can’t find their clue. Bopper, the country boy is hurling out the car window.. Bopper? The name fits.

The first 6 teams land 2.5 hours ahead of the second ground of 5. At the Salta Airport, they have to pick up their SUV and drive off. Art and JJ take the early lead. Teams have to head to the aerodrome or something like that. The 2nd fight lands, the clown dude is having trouble getting it into gear… apparently this is nothing like driving a VW Bug stuffed with 26 people… uh oh, lady clown is the first to cry on the Race. It’s leg 1… tears of a clown… suck it up lady.

The first group arrives at the roadblock. One person from each team has to skydive 10,000 feet and the other person has to find them on the ground. Aside from running through some thick sand, this isn’t much of a challenge and they’re all pretty much even since all the skydivers were on the same flight up.

Next challenge the teams have to make 120 empanadas of two different varieties. Each type of empanada is made slightly differently.

The second round of skydivers is in the air and one of the spotters on the ground got her truck stuck in the sand. Uh oh. The golf playing sister gets someone to tow her car out of the soft sand. Meanwhile her sister has landed and everyone else is leaving with their partners while she’s stuck at the landing spot.

Teams start to finish making empanadas and head to the finish line for this leg. Rachel and Dave finish first and get the Express Pass, Brendan and Rachel finish second. JJ & Art in third place then Nary and Jaimie, Vanessa and Ralph next, Elliot and Andrew follow.

Second group is making empanadas now. Guidos are making some ugly ass empanadas.

Kerri and Stacey finish in 7th, top of the 2nd pack though. Next to finish is the bizarre clowns Dave and Cherie who have rolling luggage instead of backpacks? That’s gotta be an Amazing Race first, and totally impractical for these purposes too. Bopper and Mark finish in 9th. It’s between the guidos and the golf twins for last place. Golf twins finish making empanadas first and can’t find the finish line even though it’s right behind them. They walk right past Phil and don’t see him. The guidos finish and run right to the finish to be in 10th. The golf girls are too stupid to continue in this race. They finish in 11th and are eliminated from the Amazing Race. Phil is astonished that they missed him, I think his eyebrow raised right out the top of his head on this one.

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