Amazing Race: Unfinished Business ep02: I’ve Never Looked So Foolish in My Entire Life

The second episode of Amazing Race: Unfinished Business kicked off and technically it was a continuation of the premiere which ended with Phil giving the instructions to keep on racing. Teams had to find a big ass anchor in the middle of town to sign up to get on one of two flights out to Broken Hill.

You gotta love the way Flight Time and Big Easy are just loving life on this race. Once again teams paired off, Luke and Momgie paired off with the redhead hotties who Luke calls his “race girlfriends”. Out of your league buddy, out of your league. The cowboys finally solved the puzzle from last week’s episode and I’m very disappointed in them- not because of their lack of skills but because of their lack of saying their signature line “Oh my gravy”. We can only hope they step up their game going forward.

Mike appropriately rocking the classic “I like turtles” shirt this leg while Mel’s age causes them to actually race as slow as turtles. The lesson for this leg of the race: Google Saves. Pisha, Jen, Zev, and Justin all take advantage of this Internet wonder at a kiosk booth to find the bigass anchor that nobody seems to know the name of. Unlike the cowboys who look positively lost in the big city, unresourceful.

The teams all hop on flights to the Outback on tiny planes- Flight Time and Big Easy look bigger than the planes themselves. The teams drive themselves to the Outback in Nissans; Subaru missed a huge branding opportunity here. Zev quips there’s not a lot of steakhouses in the Outback. You should start a blog Zev.

The teams have to do one of two Aboriginal tasks, one of which involves putting paint into your mouth and then spitting it out. For some reason all the teams pick the other one, I wonder why. The teams then proceed to put rocks into an already laid out design in a challenge I’m dubbing “are you as artistic as a fifth grader”. For Kent and Vxyixchcsxson (you spell it your way, I’ll spell it my way), the answer is NO as they dance around the art and not on it.

Amanda and Kris have to take their penalty from last week and do both challenges. We learn that Amanda can’t spit (you can insert your own swallow joke here). Ron, showing off his “athletic” side, is wearing baseball style flip-up sunglasses for the challenge. Next week I expect him in spandex and that glare blocking paint. He manages to take everything out of his bag and leave it on the ground, packing more stuff than a homeless bum.

The final part of this leg involves the teams putting on bouncing shoes, dressing up like kangaroos, and using the periodic table to find two cross streets in the mining town. A roo’d awakening. Momgie Margie, Luke, Zev, and Justin, in the most genius move ever on Amazing Race, find someone with an iPhone to help them! Like I said before: Google Saves. Major props to Kentnerd who somehow knows the periodic table offhand. And we all learn that cowboys in kangaroo outfits do not wear their cowboy hats.

Zev and Justin take the win this week but Ron takes the FTW this week by calling Phil by the wrong name- “Bill”. Amanda and Kris get eliminated, this time on their own accord.

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