Amazing Race: Unfinished Business ep03: We Had a Lot of Evil Spirits Apparently

Coming out of the second Pit Stop, the teams head on a train ride overnight through the desert to Sydney before flying to Tokyo where they go to the rotating parking garage to get their next clue.

Luke and Margie Momgie, Mike and Mel go right to the travel agent rather than get on the train. Kent also rocking the cowboy hat, gives Travelocity a plug and finds his own flight. Half the teams end up choosing the direct flight over the one with a connection that arrives 15 minutes earlier. Five teams on the connecting flight are delayed and end up landing 2nd, an hour and a half later. Always go direct!

The Japanese rotating garage is cool as shit, btw. Pisha hits the button and steals the Trotters spot, sending their car back around the ferris wheel. She makes it this whole leg without a bathroom stop. Big Easy makes the car look like a clown car, Hightower from Police Academy style. Half the teams are lost on the way before some of them decide “hey we’re the last four teams, why are we in a caravan, this is a freakin’ competition” and split up. The redheads, driving as you would expect ex-cheerleaders in Japan to, hit some guy’s mirror and he wants to call the cops and they are delayed.

Ron and Christine get help from a driver on the road and make it to the dojo first for the Roadblock where they have to do some crazy yoga posing type moves and then shoot an arrow. Teams struggle doing the pre-shooting moves. Ron, the unintentionally funniest racer ever lets out a high pitched squeal that probably attracted several wild animals. Not sure if they’re only showing the target hits, or if the AR teams have incredible bow and arrow aim, except for Redhead thing#2 who is in last and missing shot after shot.

At the next Pit Stop teams have to choose between finding a frog figure buried in mud or doing a ritual and then standing under a waterfall. Teams searching for the frog have to wear a glorified diaper, awesome. Since they were the only ones doing it, Ron and Christina and Globetrotters get a sweet split screen movie-style training montage for their task. The big guys picked up Christina’s fanny pack and put it in the changing room; she can’t find it after the task and is in a panic that she’s about to get Zev’d. Ron finds it but Ron is pissed!

Jet and Cord use their trademark cowboy hustle to quickly find a frog. Really way too many out of shape teams in loineclothes than we need to see. Zev and Justin continue their winning ways, taking it all the way to first and winning a trip, after driving off in their underwear. Followed by Gallory and Mallory. Pissed off Ron manages to get the bag-moving-Globetrotters a 30 minute penalty, knocking them down two spots.

Mike and Mel get into an ambulance while redhead thing#1 and thing#2 unknowingly pass them and stay in the race. Unfortunately age caught up with Mel and cost M&M the race. I feel bad for Mel but he seemed to be in good spirits and had a good bonding experience (again) with his son, so good for him.

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