Amazing Race: Unfinished Business ep05: Don’t Ruin the Basketball Game

This epsisode is a part 2 of the to be continued from last week. Will Kent and Vyxsin find their fanny pack? They head back to the gondola and luckily it’s still there.

Teams have to take a train that doesn’t leave until hours later, this leg’s great equalizer as Kent and Vixhcchsoazyon complete last week’s tasks in a montage but they have a 30 minute penalty they still need to take due to last week’s wrong flight incident.

The teams find a basketball hoop outside the train station and Cowbys and Pisha/Jen take advantage of the opportunity to play some basketball with Globetrotters. The Trots school everyone. Awesomesauce as we get our first Oh My Gravy of the year when Kent and Vixchcheysaoeyon show up.

Teams are on a train and the beds are triple bunked. I assume Flight Time and Big Easy are bottom bunkers or they have some pretty darn strong hinges on the train. Now teams are head to the flower market in Kunming, China. Teams are all on edge about the double u-turn coming up this leg. Teams have to travel to the golden horse and jade cock (phil says it like gay cock) memorial.

Cowboys have stolen the Trotter’s cab; shitty move guys. But they find a new one relatively quickly. Ron and Christina use their Chinese language skills to hit the detour first. Teams have to watch a performance and place the dolls in the same order as the colorfully dressed performers or offload a solar water heating system and set it up on a rooftop.

Hilariously several teams have actually been taken to a McDonalds instead of the golden arch. Apparently it’s just around the corner. Ron and Christina, Zev and Justin first to arrive at he memory challenge. Luke and Margie Momgie his put the solar panel and it’s a lot of stairs. Zev and Justin finish quickly and head off, followed Pisha and Jen, and Ron and Christina.

The redheads are teaming up on one box at a time up the stairs. Momgie carried one by herself! Jet and Cord are teaming up too; where’s the cowboy hustle? The big boxes are no problem for Flight Time and Big Easy as they make up some time.

Ron closes the car door right on Christina. Uh oh- the three teams following Ron and Co. have all been taken to the wrong place and Luke and Momgie get their yellow card first and have to proceed to the Stone Forest. Goths are surprisingly good at putting together solar panels (considering they never see the sun). Kent and Vixhcszon u-turn the redheads right as they are standing there! Niiice. The only team they were 100% sure was behind them. Globetrotters are U-turned too and it’s a race between those two to avoid elimination.

Redheads finish their second task quickly as do the Globetrotters. The redheads have yet another driver stopping for gas, just like last time and they get passed by the Trotters. Zev and Justin and Gallory and Mallory’s cabs are lost. At the Stone Forest, the teams have to put together a HUGE dinosaur puzzle made of lots of parts. Looks like it’s gonna take them a while; good thing the scenery is pretty. All teams are at the challenge now and Gary and Mallory choose to use their express pass to bypass this one- good choice.

Yeeeahaaa Cowboys finish first because they keep checking the key so they only have to build it once. Other teams are struggling with the proper setup and construction. Jet and Cord pass the express-passed Gallory and Mallory on the way to the Green Lake Park and the Pit Stop. Cue up the stock western music, cowboys win $5000 cash each.

Back at the Stone Forest, Kent takes a big spill off the ladder! His eye makeup is clearly unbalanced and weighing him down. He finishes and they make it to Green Lake Park where they sit out their 30 minute penally, passed by Pisha and Jen who make it without a bathroom break. Jamie and Justin are struggling with the dino bones. Justin finishes and Jamie finishes what seems like a long while later. The Redheads get to the Pit Stop as the last team and are eliminated from the Race. No complaints here.

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