Amazing Race: Unfinished Business ep06: I Feel Like a Monkey in a Circus

Teams are still in China after the 5th pitstop in a race around the world. Last week’s winners Jet and Cord head off to the tea shop first where Phil reveals a secret that they will need to remember the tea for a challenge later in the race. Luke is pissed they’re staying in China for some reason.

Mallory says she had tea parties as a kid and predictably misidentifies it as peach right away. Uhm tea parties are fake, right? Teams have to to to Kolkata, India next. Kisha and Jen might have problems with this one as tea can make you have to pee. Other teams are pissed about still being in China too. I don’t get it, there’s a lot of cool shit to see in China, they should enjoy themselves.. Zev is rocking silver pajamas. Christine smartly asks in Chinese what type of tea it is (mango papaya).

Teams all appear to be on the same flight as they enter the mobs of people in India. The Indian cab drivers are all driving like maniacs! Awesome. Brake slamming, near misses, near hits, risky maneuvers, they should make a show about insane Indian cabbies, I’d watch it. All that maniacal driving is for nothing since they all have to camp out overnight anyway as it doesn’t open till the next morning. Good thing Zev has his pajamas on.

Teams now have to find the same tea from China amongst a table of thousands. Ron gets it almost immediately, Ron’s an all star. Oh no- Pisha is tasting the teas, let’s hope she doesn’t have to pee later. Cowboy Jet decides to go by smell instead of sight and gets it right away. Pisha and Jen finish and don’t open the bottle where the cap hides the clue. They ask a taxi to take them to the Snapple factory instead of the tea stall they’re supposed to be heading to. Doesn’t seem to take them too long to get back on track once they realize.

Luke is getting frustrated again. Mallory goes by smell and gets it. Zev smashes a tea cup in frustration. Finally he gets it and Justin says he can wet himself in the cab lol.

Kent and Vyxssysyscon aren’t first to leave but are first to find the tea stall next. They have to choose between Hindu art painting or Bengali literature book delivery. Luke and Big Easy are still back at the tasting. Gary and Mallory do the literature and they have to cram into the back of a rickshaw with the books and the cameraman (poor cameraman and I’m not saying that because he’s trapped in a tight space, it’s because he has to listen to Mallory talk the whole ride). Crazy Ron is annoyed at the volume level of the instruments at the painting challenge and puts in his earplugs. Luke is last and is crying. He’s drank so much tea, i think *I* have to go pee now.

Gallory finish first and have to head to the Fountain of Joy in a big park in town. Kent and Vyxsin pain the Ganesh statue that is oddly similar to them, pink with painted on eyebrows. Gallory make it to the Pit Stop first and get to be the first to try the new Snapple tea flavor and win a dinner, a show and a million rupees ($20,000 or so). Globetrotters kick the bucket! and spill paint on their nearly completed statue and have to redo parts of it while Luke and Momgie get to the road block with them.

As numerous teams arrive a the same time Phil hands off numbering to Jet who tells Kent they’re team number 4 when they’re really number 5. That’s why Phil’s the host and paid the big bucks here people, he’s the pro, he can count to five. Pisha and Jen make it without having to pee. Phew. BIg Easy and Flight Time are having trouble getting a cab; will Luke and Momgie catch up? It’s either a real race to the finish or not even close but a producer/editor contrived race…Flight and Big make it next- nice try producers. Luke and Momgie are 8th and last and are eliminated from the race.

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