Amazing Race: Unfinished Business ep08: I Cannot Deal with Your Psycho Behavior

Teams are leaving the 7th pitstop in India heading via airplane to Vienna, Australia where they head out in a brand new 2012 Ford Focus (product placement alert!).

Teams have to choose between the 2 connection flight set that gets in 25 minutes earlier or a single connection that gets in later. Looks like Cowboys are the only ones doing the single connection; will it pay off? It’s a gamble that doesn’t pay off as the earlier flight actually arrives on time.

Teams now have to use the (product placement alert!) Ford Focus’s navigation system’s backup camera to see where there next destination is. It’s Schloss Schallaburg, a castle. They peel out, driving away in their Ford Focii, of which one team will win a pair. Gary and Mallory can’t figure it out and have to backup again. Cowboys arrive and they’re close behind. All teams seem to stop at the same gas station to get directions. Apparently the supersmart Ford Focus navigation system can’t figure out where it is- which producer gets fired or chewed out by Ford’s PR team over this one?

Zev and Justin arrive first at the castle and get the clue, a big book, from a Harry Potter looking chick, to proceed to the National Library.

Kent and Vixsin ar the last remaining dating coupled and they’re fighting like a dating couple. Teams arrive at the National Library, which is massive and elegantly ornate. They have a choice between long Hard walk and Quick and Easy Meal. It’s either transport a couch from Freud’s home to the University of Vienna or head to a ferris wheel where they must eat an entire meal during one twelve minute rotation, accompanied by what is sure to be annoying music. This is total classic Amazing Race, carrying a giant object through city streets.

Big Easy pees on the library outside! Classy! Pisha Kisha should have used that trick last year when a pee stop cost them the race. They arrive at the ferris wheel first and start stuffing their faces. Zev and Justin arrive next and start chowing down. It’s a lot of fried food and a big old slice of chocolate cake. The Goths and Trotters choose to move the couch instead. Kisha and Jen finish the ride but not their food and move on to the other task instead. Z & J get closer but don’t finish either. Gallory heads up there next with determination to not waste those calories for nothing.

Trotters arrive first and use the dolly to move the couch. Kent and Vixssysysysin end up carrying the couch the whole way as Pisha and Jen catch up.

Surprisingly Gallory doesn’t finish their food. Mallory says she can throw up and go again. Cowboys are almost caught up as they grab their couch and use their normal cowboy hustle to move it up the street. Globetrotters arrive first and have to go to Salzburg to finish this leg. Kent is a whiny little bitch trying to carry the couch as Pisha and Jen nearly catch up carrying it like it’s nothing. Gallory is now in last, Cowboys in 4th, passing the wrongly directly Zev and Justin who went up three flights for no reason.

All teams are now en route to Salzburg. Kent and VIxisissisin are yelling at each other over directions. In Salzburg one team member has to clean a chimney from the rooftop. Trotters finish it quickly and head to VIlla Trapp, the real house from the Sound of Music. Zev and Justin pass the Globes on the road somewhere and finsih as team number and win a (product placement!) 2012 Ford Focus each. Flight Time and Big Easy are close behind. Gallory finishes last but it’s a non-elimination and they’re still in it! Extra speed bump next week though.

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