Amazing Race: Unfinished Business ep10: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Teams are at the 9th Pitstop at the base of the Matterhorn and now have to head to a helicopter park. Zev and Justin won the last leg and are leading off this one. Teams have one dollar for this leg. Don’t blow it all in spot guys.

The Goths are wearing extra glitter today to match the snow. All the glitter in the world ain’t gonna help with Kent’s bitching though. Plus it’s just extra weight for Vixsysisisn to carry when she inevitably has to carry crybaby Kent somewhere.

Teams have a Detour where they have to choose search or rescue. They either have to search via GPS and dig in the snow or rappel down a crevice crevasse to pull up a dummy. Neither one seems easy.

Zev and Justin choose to search and quickly find their body but digging him out is proving to be tough. Kisha and Jen choose the rescue one. Gary and Mallory are digging, Goths and Globetrotters are rescuing. Vixsin does what we all want to do and drops Kent way down into the ditch beyond the point where his whining can be heard. “Pull me up! Pull me up!” ::ignore::

Kisha and Jen finish first and take the chopper back to the train followed by the Goths and then Gallory and the Globes. The train isn’t for a while make it a race equalizer for everyone except the still-digging Zev and Justin.

After the train, the teams have to make a (product placement alert)- Travelocity gnome- out of Swiss chocolate. This involves basically just painting a plastic mold. Someone stole Flight Time’s mold out of the fridge and it looks like Viixixxyxsin. Big Easy is making stink about it and for once someone besides Kent is bitching. Kent is trash talking the Globes in his interview. Tough guy behind the scenes.

Cheating Vixysyssysissin finishes first and gets to head to the Pit Stop, a rustic cabin. Unable to read the clue they look for a cab- warning- penalty ahead! Hate to say it but they deserve it this leg. Flight Time and Big Easy make it up the mountain to finish first again! Last to first, yet again. Kisha and Jen finish second. Kent and Visshshxain come next but they get a 30 minute penalty for not reading. Gallory finishes. Zev and Justin are last but make it before the penalty is over and are still racing. The Goths are eliminated. Good because I’m sick of the whining. Good luck with that on the flight home Vix.

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