Amazing Race: Unfinished Business ep11: This is where it ends (Brazil)

The remaining four Amazing Race teams are in Switzerland at the tenth Pitstop where they must now fly to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This is the leg that eliminated both the Globetrotters and Kisha Pisha and Jen during their first time racing. All teams take the same train to Zurich to book a flight to Rio.

Globes and Zev and Justin all snag flights that get in at 7:30am compared to the other teams getting in at 5:40pm. But Big Easy can’t lie to the later teams and they all catch on to the earlier flight. You gotta work on your game face Big Easy! The Trotters have been oversharing info all season without getting in trouble but it’s too late in the race to be doing that now big guy.

Globetrotters get a slow cab as the other three teams all catch the tram up the mountain putting them 30 minutes behind. Teams quickly find their tiles and take a cab to a Carnivale samba. One person from each team has to wear a ridiculous looking outfit and learn a dance. Mallory knocks it out right away- I bet she was a cheerleader. Zev struggles with the steps. Kisha and Jen pass Zev as the Globes show up. Zev is the most awkward dancer I’ve ever seen, dude has no rhythm at all- he looks like an ostrich trying to fly- but he finally gets as Big Easy has to try it a second time.

Gallory takes off to Copacabana where they have to go for a Brazilian waxing session- ouch! Everyone has to do it, males and females. Zev and Justin get lost in a cab though as the Globes pass them to be team three at the waxing salon. Zev and Justin are incredibly hairy and hysterically funny as they get waxed 30 year old virgin style (but I’m sure after this they’ll be getting plenty of action). They are so hairy that the team of waxers doesn’t even have time to finish their chests in the 15 minutes.

Teams head to a Detour where they have to either make 100 drinks or go to to the beach and sell enough bikinis to earn 100 bills. Gallory chooses the mixed drinks. Pisha and Jen and Globes also head out to the bar. Try not to drink any Pisha, we don’t need any bathroom breaks this leg. Zev and Justin head to the beach to try to sell swimsuits. Tough sell as they have to get the buyers to also try them on first. They give up after no sales and head to the bar to mix up some drinks.

Gallory finishes first and head to the Museum of Contemporary Art for the Pitstop. Gallory finishes first. Kisha and Jen finish not far behind them. Big Easy and Flight Time round out the final three to be racing to the finish. Zev and Justin finish last and are eliminated- they had a great run but just struggled with their Detour choices the last leg. Too bad guys- nice race.

The final three now have to fly to their final destination- Miami, Florida. All teams are on the same flight. Interestingly the Globes check their bags and say they’re just going to leave them at the airport and pick them up later since they don’t really need them. Great strategy I think.

Teams head to a marina where amazingly someone is entrusting them to use a giant forklift to move boats. I wouldn’t trust some randoms with my boat, if I had one (I wouldn’t trust them with my forklift either if I had one). Gallory’s cab is lost and Mallory is losing it. Globetrotters finish first and head to Key Largo. Pisha and Jen finish too as Gallory is still lost.

Globetrotters head to Jules Verne Undersea Lodge where they smartly pay their driver to go get gas while they do the challenge. Genius move again. It’s almost as if these guys have run the race before 8). The Roadblock is having the teams strap on a personal submarine and find the clue in an underwater show. This is the coolest thing ever. Big Easy finds his clue first. But their smart move isn’t paying off as their taxi is nowhere to be found when they finish the Roadblock. Uh oh- that seemed like a good idea but now not so much. They run down the road and catch up their cab. Pisha and Jen pass them on the road.

Pisha and Jen arrive first and have to walk across a shallow part of the ocean to an island and find the tallest tree. Globes aren’t far behind. After getting their clue and walking back across the ocean, the teams have to take a speedboat to a mobile home park. I’m sure when the producers dreamed up this part with the contestants racing across the bay in Miami on four engined powerboats it looked like Miami Vice in their minds. But in reality the weather has turned windy and nasty it’s more like The Perfect Storm as the teams huddle under towels in the back of the boat on the choppy seas.

They arrive at senior citizens mobile home park. Teams have to move a tiny trailer and set up their own kitschy (ie: trailer trash) abode yard to match a picture.

As the top two teams start to set up their little yard, the wind kicks in and makes it near impossible to set up the canopy. Gallory shows up as the other two teams are still working on their setup. All three in the same spot and it’s on like Donkey Kong in a thong. An old lady who looks like a reject from the Lollipop Kids (and is probably old enough to be one) is the very strict judge. Pisha and Jen finish first and get the clue to head to the finish line. Globe Trotters aren’t far behind.

Pisha and Jen get to the Seven Mile Bridge and strap into tricycles to pedal to the finish. The wind is killer and it’s allowing the Globes to make up some time as they muscle away on the trikes. But the distance between them is too far as Kisha and Jen run to Phil and the finish line and win the Amazing Race and win one million dollars. They didn’t win a single leg the whole race except this last one, which is the only one that really counts.

Great season overall, nice to see some old favorites and strong personalities back in the race. Unfortunately, again, the final leg came down to who gets the best cab driver as their wasn’t too much difference in the amount of time it took to complete the challenges (and no memory challenge!). But I’m a little bitter because “my” teams didn’t win. Oh well. Can’t wait till the next season of Amazing Race!

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