America’s Next Great Restaurant ep04

Bobby Flay (Bob Filet) tells the contestants that the layout of a restaurant and menu design is important. They are going to be designing their pods in the studio like miniature versions of their potential restaurants. They will also design a menu and cook a dish for 300 people. Lorena speaks! and they have 3 days to do this.

The contestants meet with the grahpic designers and Grill’Billies is talking about bringing the mullet to the design…uhmmm not appetizing guys. Eric from Meltworks looks like he’s already done a complete rendering with an architect. It’s revealed that Stephenie has changed Compleat to “Harvest Sol” and is doing Mediterranean flavors.

They all head to a fixtures and a furniture store to get the items for their restaurant. That d-bag from Revolution Tacos says the Grill’Billies table is the ugliest thing he’s ever seen.

The construction teams get to to work while some of the contestants help and others stand around. The carpenter crew is ragtag to say the least- one looks like Lyle Lovett with flowered suspenders, one’s a hippie and another is a dead ringer for Bill Nye the science guy. They should have their own show. I’d watch a crazy carpenter show.

Eric from Meltworks is going against Bobby Flay’s advice to make dipping sauces- “too hard”. Come on Eric, it’s not like you have sooo much to do to make a few grilled cheeses- come up with a sauce or two. The Revolution Taco DBag is making a hot sauce. Hill’Billies say Saucy Balls are kinda weak and his ego is way to huge. DBag has to get his quip in and agrees, says it’s a Prego sauce he’s making.

There’s only 35 days until opening and the investors are testing out their pods to get the feel of their restaurants. Menu boards and tables are all out. The contestants and chefs are frantically cooking as the Dine LA restaurant week foodies and bloggers enter the studio for the tasting.

Harvest Sol is impressing Curtis with her Mediterranean fusion concept and table settings. Lorena and Curtis love her North. African roasted chicken over asparagus. Sudhir’s Spice Coast has a concise menu and colors the judges like. He’s putting out some madras lamb and naan, mixed greens and a mango shake. Bobby Flay likes it, Steve Ells says make it handheld like a sandwich or a taco. Curtis disagrees, says serve naan on the side and do what you believe in.

Grill’Billie’s New American Grill is next with a boneless chicken, smoked vegetables and Twinkie pudding. Steve Ells says they communicated the brand well. No mention is made of the Twinkie pudding which sounds freakin’ delicious. Sandy of Sinners & Saints has a pork fried tenderloin sandwich and a pork tenderloin salad. They like the two column layout of the menu and the color choices which clearly show which is the “good” and which is the “bad” side for each dish.

Alex the d-bag from Revoluton Tacos has an obnoxious colored menu. He’s making a grilled mahi mahi taco and plantains. Interestingly there’s no comment from the judges on the food other than questioning the inclusion of plantains. Eric from Meltworks has some sort of green pepper and eggplant grilled cheese. Steve Ells says his mockup looks just like a Chipotle. Bobby says there’s not enough cheese in his grilled cheese, it’s a panini instead and where the hell are the sauces we talked about?

Jamawn’s Soul Daddy is up now and he’s making fried chicken with slaw and black-eye peas. Bobby says not enough flavor in his food this week, underseasoned. Which is totally odd because a few weeks ago his whole concept was going to be fried chicken and apparently his fried chicken blows? Good thing he changed it up. The crowd doesn’t like the Saucy Balls name. Curtis Stone says the Italian sausage balls and minestrone soup is not appropriate for an office lunchbreak. Lorena says the menu is tacky and overdone.

The judges announce the winner and it’s Sudhir from Spice Coast. Well done sir. The bottom three this week are Alex Revolution Tacos, Joey Saucy Balls, and Eric Meltworks. Probably not coincidentally they are the three most overconfident people in the competition.

Alex defends his food. Steve Ells says there’s too many types of food on the menu. The judges say he’s unfocused and the food kinda blows. Alex says he’ll make the food better. Eric thought his food went over well and he could win. Bobby calls him out on the sauces again. Steve says too much junk in the sandwich, not enough cheese. Curtis says cut the crap, you’ve been doing this for 3 freaking years and your grilled cheeses still suck. The judges think he’s peaked. Saucy Balls Joey is up now and Lorena says the menu doesn’t match the concept. Curtis says it’s too heavy and he wanted to take a nap and brush his teeth after eating. Steve Ells says it’s one dimensional. They say his circular menu makes their eyes go nutso.

The investor judges send home Alex and Revolution Tacos. Nice to see a dbag get what he has coming to him. Good luck buddy.

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