America’s Next Great Restaurant ep05

Bobby Flay tells the contestants that they will be designing the restaurant uniform this week and they will be in a photoshoot wearing their new uniforms. Greg and Krystal propose ripped denim which sounds horrible. Saucy Balls Joey is going with an old timey gangster style. He decides to grab a gun at the prop store for his shoot. This can’t turn out well.

At the photo shoot, Grill’Billies look like they work at a gas station. Jamawn is looking quite dapper in a black shirt and tie. Sandy from Sinners & Saints is enjoying herself posing for the camera. Eric from Meltworks has a horrible shirt with just the big logo on the front- looks like a hardware store worker or something which is fitting because he looks as stiff as a board. Saucy balls Joey pulls out a bigass tommy gun initially before settling on a 6 foot hero bread as his prop to go with his white wingtips and white tie on black outfit.

For the culinary part of the test, the investors will be choosing this week’s dishes. Bobby and Curtis challenge Sandy to make a pair of burgers this week. They want Stephenie from Harvest Sol to make a sandwich from a shrimp salad on her menu, she resists slightly and is doing it both ways- salad and sammy. Bobby harps on the dipping sauces with Eric from Meltworks again and says he should do a classic grilled cheese and five sauces this week. Curtis says if Bobby talks, listen- sounds like good advice to me, he’s a freakin’ Iron Chef.

Sudhir from Spice Coast, they want to taste the Goan chicken whatever the hell that is. They challenge Saucy Balls Joey to do an eggplant parm in a sandwich. They ask Soul Daddy Jamawn to make waffles and chicken. Greg and Krystal have to make pulled pork in cherry cola (which sounds like either a big hit or a big miss to me).

Surprisingly Joey’s eggplant parm is actually an eggplant parmesan meatball- not sure how you make an eggplant ball but good for him. Jamawn is getting back to his Detroit roots with this chicken and waffles. Eric still has doubt about the dipping sauce idea, probably because it’s not in his 400 page business plan that he came in to the competition with.

LOL Sudhir thinks he look s handsome in his poster. The teams are cooking outdoors in a plaza. Lorena Garcia and Steve Ells finally make an appearance! What will they say….uhmm nothing because Bobby Flay does all the talking to the crowd.

Curtis says the cherry cola pork just plain ‘ol sounds gross but upon taking a bite both him and Steve Ells love the taste. Over at Harvest Sol, Bobby says she looks like a wheat farmer in her poster. The judges like her sandwich and so does Stephenie, after initially resisting.

Bacon waffles and lemon pepper chicken over at Jamawn’s Soul Daddy is going over well as is his uniform. Sandy is wowing the judges with the vibe of her uniform and poster but Lorena doesn’t like her turkey burger- too rare she says. Bobby says his “sinner” burger is overcooked and he can’t taste a thing. Uh ohhh.

Over at Saucy Balls, Curtis says he looks like he’s running an Italian mobster bakery. They say the tie looks too formal for a fast casual restaurant. Steve Ells says his sandwich needs a little more depth- maybe some peppers or some shit like that. I’m paraphrasing.

Sudhir at Spice Coast- Bobby and Lorena say he’s played it a bit safe with the photo- not sure what they’re expecting, he’s not a wildman or anything. Steve Ells is again focusing on the handheld idea, saying put your chicken in some bread. Curtis says you’re bastardizing the concept this way. Sudhir is confused.

The judges say they don’t see Meltworks in Eric’s image on the photo; there’s nothing melting- other than his concept melting down. He did five sauces which Bobby proceeds to finger-test each one. That’s really gross Bobby, why would you put your finger in the sauce- and then Lorena dips into the same sauce- who the hell knows where that finger’s been. They are underwhelmed by the dips, apparently Bobby’s finger flavor didn’t help.

Grill’Billie’s takes’ the’ win’ thi’s week’ wit’ tha’ most votes.

Joey says if he stays another week he’ll change his restaurant name to Joey Meatballs or something else. Eric is totally out of tune with what the judges want, again resisting the sauces idea and unwilling to grow his concept. Lorena says she’s hated everything that Sandy has ever made, Curtis agrees the food blows and she needs a new chef. Sandy says she fired her own girlfriend once so firing a chef is no problem (damn girl).

Tough decision this week, there is no consensus, each judge wants someone else to go. In the end stubborn Eric and Meltworks is out the door this week.

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