America’s Next Great Restaurant ep06

Starting off there’s a shocker- Joey wants to drop the Saucy Balls name and Sandy is still thinking about dropping her chef. Teams arrive at a food truck parking lot. Teams are going to be designing a food truck (special plug for RoadStoves) and they will be judged partially on how much money they make and how much food they sell. They will be running essentially mini-businesses. Can they manage the business side?

The investors review the contestants and what happened last week and then Sandy politely fires her chef. Contestants first have to meet with graphic designers to design the truck exterior. Joey, apparently needing it spelled out because he’s just not getting the judge’s “hint”, is changing it from Saucy Balls to Brooklyn Meatball Company- good choice, nice flow to the name. It took some balls to do that, good for you buddy.

Sudhir is taking Chipotle Steve’s advice and doing Indian tacos, could be risky. Curtis and Bobby still doubt if Stephenie has the concept down. They think Grill’Billies have an advantage because their truck will waft the odor of goodness around. Teams now head to the food distributor and have to really watch their budget. Sandy’s new chef is a wildman, high energy, maybe too much.

The contestants arrive at the challenge and their trucks are all lined up and looking good. Half are in one spot, half in the other. Initially it looks like Joey Meatballs is having trouble selling his turkey meatballs. Grill’Billies are selling a chicken sandwich with corn. The investors hate the design of Joey’s truck- pictures of food never work they say. They don’t like the idea of putting a sandwich out for customers to see (that it was cooked 2 hours ago). Jamawn of Soul Daddy has a music oriented truck design and is serving honey mustard bbq chicken and green beans. The canned green beans are hurting him as is the size of his portion- too large.

Over at the other teams’ section, foot traffic is slow. Contestants have to really get out there and sell it. Sudhir’s Spice Coast is selling cauliflower chickpea tacos and green chili chicken tacos. He is well versed in the food costs and his food tastes great- even Curtis Stone is sold on the Indian tacos. They just want him to tweak his truck design. Harvest Sol has a brightly colored truck that the investors mostly like. She’s serving a falafel salad and herb marinated cauliflower. Judges pan her for using canned chickpeas, mixed opinion on the falafel flavor. They all agree her food is not food-truck oriented and hard to eat. She too doesn’t know what her food costs. Sinners and Saints is last and is serving BBQ brisket sandwich and bacon mac and cheese and a brisket over mixed greens. Sandy knows exactly how much her food costs. Curtis pans the mac n cheese, saying it has no flavor and is dry. Huge plate of food but they are calling it a huge disappointment.

Surprisingly no teams made a profit. Jamawn took in the most money though, so he’s safe. Joey meatballs had the lowest sales. They say he makes great meatballs but everything else surrounding it is holding him back. Sandy owns up to her bad choices for the week, said she was overpowered by her chef but the investors are overpowered by her horrible food week after week. Harvest Sol is getting panned for having canned food inconsistent with her concept of freshness and not having a fully flushed out concept- her truck sold the 2nd least.

The investors convene and Sandy’s Sinners & Saints is given the heave ho. She had passion but didn’t deliver with the food.

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