America’s Next Great Restaurant ep07

Bobby Flay tells the remaining competitors that this week they have to create a promotional item and a kid’s menu item. Sudhir is worried about what American parents like to feed their kids and how it fits in with his Indian flavors.

Teams go to Hot Buttered Elves to brainstorm their toy ideas. Seems almost like an afterthought or perhaps it’s not compelling TV to watch the idea process but they don’t show too much of this roundtable process at all.

Now everyone’s trying to come up with kid’s menu idea. Grill’Billies chef is shooting down every idea that Krystal has. Joey Brooklyn Meatballs wants to do a smashed meatball. Sudhir wants kids to eat some spice.

Curtis Stone and Lorena are walking and tasting while the contestants are still working on their food for the challenge the following day. Jamawn has a waffle sausage sandwich. Curtis thinks it might be too unhealthy. Grill’Billies is doing steak kabobs, Lorena suggests chicken. Sudhir is doing a burger, fry and milkshake type item. Curtis says it’s too spicy. Stephenie from Harvest Sol is making yogurt ranch dressing with grilled chicken and apricot spread in a pastry. Curtis thinks the apricot is way too tart. Stephenie is doubting her own concept a bit, unsure how to execute it nationally with different seasonalities of food in different locations.

Day two and the the kids’ toys have arrived. Joey’s connect four looks huge! Stephenie smartly switches out apricot for an in-season fruit. Jamawn has changed the sausage to chicken with turkey bacon. Greg and Krystal want to kill kids with heir sharp kabob sticks and their chef hits a bump in the studio and loses half their food as their cart tips over. Now they don’t have enough food and might be totally screwed. I don’t see how kabobs even fit in with their theme at all.

The huge crowd comes in and it’s the kids who will be giving out the coins to the best teams this week. Sudhirs burger is a bit mushy- his opening coconut toy with spices inside and information cards is a hit though. It might be a little too out there for the kids.

Stephenie’s toys are huge hits with the pita pencil case. Chicken pita sandwich with a nectarine pie seems to go over well too. Good week for her, they are looking for healthy kids stuff and she delivered.

Jamawn has a corn bread muffin man that talks when you open it. Bobby Flay’s daughter questions what meal this would be for. Curtis still questions the nutrition. Steve Chipotle Ells says the waffle is too heavy and dominates the flavors. Steve Ells should be in no position to talk about food being too heavy (ever eaten at Chipotle?) or kid’s menus because his restaurants don’t even offer one (unless you ask about the off-menu secret item).

Brooklyn Meatball Joey has a turkey smashed ball slider with edamame macaroni. Curtis questions whether he can afford to give out such a big toy to every kid.

GrillBillie’s toy is a light up lightning bug, the Flay’s aren’t big on it, questions who it appeals to. Curtis says the beef and chicken skewers are really dry and it’s their worst food yet. Bobby says the kids are gonna hurt themselves on the skewers. Bobby’s daughter is too old for the kid’s menu anyway, right?

Joey got the most coins by a landslide this week with 52% of all kid’s votes. Stephenie is also safe, leaving Suhir, Jamawn and Greg/Krystal to speak to the investors. Greg and Krystal try to blame the chef and nobody is really in charge. Sudhir says his concept was geared to the urban professional but he wants to make it work for families. The investors make Jamawn cry thinking about his family.

Judges discus amongst themselves. It’s a tough decision, each one has different things wrong. Everything was going wrong with Grill’Billies this week and it doesn’t end up any better and they’re going home. Can’t say I disagree with that decision.

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  • Ray

    I really thought this episode was going to end differently. The challenge of feeding the kids was one that only one team did well with. There are some very big problems that come to light in this episode. The only thing I am a little upset about is that I didn’t get to see this episode when it aired. I was busy with school work and because I work full time at Dish it doesn’t leave a lot of time for me and TV. I was happy to find out from a friend I work with that the episode was posted on so I was able to get myself caught up on it there. If you haven’t seen this show or the last episode you really should see it for yourself!

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