American Idol 11: Top 12 Girls Perform

The ladies gets started off with country girl Chelsea Sorrell who shows us both traffic lights in her town, her gun shooting and she’ll be singing a Carrie Underwood song. She’s really pushing ’em up tonight, and I’m not talking about the notes. Upbeat song but I’m not sure how well it’s really showing off her voice which is a bit raspy at the end here. Randy says she definitely can sing which means he’s about to drop some negativity dawg. Yeah he says it’s not the best song choice for her. J-Lo says it sounded nasally.

Ryan Seacrest hanging with the dudes, trying on Heyjun’s glasses.

Erika Van Pelt from Rhode Island is showing us around her hometown, she’s kinda fun loving and ray, riding a scooter, showing us her DJ equipment and ready to rock tonight with What About Love? She’s got a dramatic flair to the opening of the song then really powering it out for the chorus and giving us some real strong high notes at the end. Great energy to her performance, her hair looked great straight, very confident. Steven Tyler says she nailed it and hit the notes. Jennifer Lopez likes her comfort up there and she could have pushed it even more. Randy Jackson says she could be dangerous.

Third tonight is Jen Hirsh from California. We see her cute black dog Sadie going for a walk, her boyfriend Jason, her families’ vineyard, her baby niece, and she’s happy to be here singing Adele’s “One and Only”. She has a great voice and it’s a bold choice to take on Adele. Nice tone to her singing and she hits some huuuuuge notes with a nice little run at the end too to finish off maybe a safe but strong performance. J-Lo said it was beautiful and she felt the feeling in the song. Steven Tyler says she soared. RJ thinks she’s one of the strongest in the competition.

Up next is Staten Island’s own Brielle Von Hugel. She’s a 17 year old high school cheerleader and she’s doing Otis Redding’s “Sitting on the Dock of the Back”. She’s really putting some weird emphasis on the “bay”. The slow parts are kinda weird but as the song picks up you can hear her talent and gets the crowd into it. Is the end of the song enough to make up for the horrible blues singing at the top. Steven Tyler likes is. JLo says she’s a true performer. Randy says the beginning was rough but he was surprised at her swagger and she can really sing.

Former waitress Hallie Day from Baltimore is showing us where she lives and a trip to New Hampshire? She’s singing Feeling Good. Stripped down with just a spotlight, microphone and too much lipstick, she gives us a sultry start to the song. She’s got a diva vibe going on, really belting it out. Jennifer though it had some really beautiful moments and she looked like a star. Steven liked her old-timey voice. Randy says she sounded great but he’s not sure what type of artist she would be.

Halfway through we’ve Skylar Laine from Mississippi who is mudding around in an ATV and driving around with her friend. She’s rocking it out tonight with Faces “Stay with Me”. Good song. Oh wow, she’s power countrifying it up. Wow interesting version. Her voice and personality are huge, she’s dancing around getting the crowd into and really bringing some major excitement to the stage. Great performer and she proves she can hold some big notes at the end there too. Dug the crap out of that Skylar. RJ says that was a rocking country performance like Reba meets Kelly Clarkson and she has star power. JLo says she’s like Tina Turner going country and a natural born performer. Tyler likes Skylar, says she was on fire.

Baylie Brown, yet another country girl shows us her Texas homestead with horses, lambs, cats and more. She’s been staying with her grandfather who makes her eggs. She’s doing Lone Star’s “Amaze”. Tender start to the song, pretty rendition, nice voice but she’s being slightly overwhelmed by the background singers. JLo thought it was a little shaky. Randy says it was good but just not great.

Following up is 18 year old Hollie Cavanagh from Texas, she shows us her house- not going to explain the British accent though? Whats up with that. She’s singing some sort of showtune style song dealie, sounding a bit like Whitney but there’s something off-putting about her. Not robotic but she’s not really bringing any personality into the song. Maybe not the best song choice. Technically it was good but eehhh. Steven Tyler says she hit her notes right on. Randy basically says it was up and down.

Former barista from Portland Haley Johnsen shows us her hot pink room, cat, rainbows, bicycle, llama neighbor, coffee shop. She’s doing “Sweet Dreams”. Starts off kinda deep and then struts out in a scat-like style. The background harmonies are making her voice sound deeper on the chorus. She’s giving us some nice runs and good energy. Decent job. JLo likes the runs, the soul but not a big fan of the song choice and way she sung it but she deserves to be here. Steven Tyler says the money shots were right on. Randy says it was a nightmare, he said it was pitchy and all over the place.

Hey look there’s Joe Magrane. That means it’s Shannaon Magrane’s turn to show us her house, volleyball skills, homework, her tall family. Not familiar with this song she’s doing but she looks real nice, very formal in a sparkly dress. She sounds pretty good, really big voice, lots of power. Hard to believe she’s only 16, very mature performance. RJ says she came out swinging, calm cool and collected, nice bravado. JLo got goosebumps. ST says she took it up a notch.

Now we’ve got Jessica Sanchez who had a sore throat and was a bit sick this week. There she is shopping in San Diego, and that’s it. She’s singing a bit meekly to start I think, then gets going a bit. I don’t know about this song or the singing, something’s just off here. Too lounge singer type. Randy’s nodding his head though, she’s getting all raspy. She has a good boice but I don’t know about this song. The judges give her a standing ovation though! Hmmm. I kinda disagree with them here. RJ says that girl can really sing, one of the best of the last few night, talent, confidence, control.

Elise Testone is showing us her beach house, the ocean, Charleston, and her parents in New Jersey. She’s alone at the piano, really working this song out before getting up to show off her chops. Pretty good job, not the most interesting of performances but just super solid, pretty. Steven says nice going, that was bluesy and from the heart. Jennifer Lopez says she has a unique tone to her voice and great emotion and she’s one to watch. RJ says he hopes America gets her, she has one of the best voices here.

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