American Idol 11: Top 2 Perform

Jessica Sanchez starting off the night with Simon Fuller’s pick of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”. I get the feeling she’s sung this one before. Strong vocals from the petite songstress. These Whitney songs really give her a chance to show off the right way. Well song, maybe a little restrained if anything but nice job.

Phillip Phillips will be doing Ben. E. King’s “Stand by Me”. He’s got the acoustic guitar and he’s Phillip Phillipsing it (ie turning it into a Dave Mathews cover). I like his take on it though, it’s at a different, slightly groovier tempo than the original, a bit slower. Cool version Phil Phil.

Randy gives round one to Jessica. Not sure if I agree with that. Neck brace guy comes out for a song, sans neck brace. Next we revisit the finalists’ favorite performances from this season.

Jessica is doing “The Prayer”. Odd choice, you need to go with a more popular song. It’s soft and gentle and she’s kind of all over the place, up high, down low, here and there, vocally. I don’t know if this was a good idea for her, just weird. Nice song but weird.

Double P doing Billy Joel’s “Moving Out”. Now that’s a good choice, his last performance of this was great. He puts his unique spin on it, revamping the song, original and unique. He’s smiling, loving being up there singing for the crowd. Solid.

Steven says Jessica took it again. The crowd 100% disagrees. Randy calls it a dead heat, the crowd doesn’t really agree there. JLo calls it for PP and I agree there. Next round is the single they would release if they won.

Jessica is doing a song called “Change Nothing”. It’s a slow ballad, pretty well suited for her vocal range. A bit upbeat in the middle with a part that sounds like she’s screaming. She looks happy singing the song, not sure how much I like it, the chorus was a bit kinda not there. Randy didn’t love the song but loved the performance. JLo said that a pop ballad isn’t right for her but she sang it well. Steven didn’t feel like that was the proper song for her.

Phillip Phillips doing a song called “Home”. Starts off a bit bluegrass folk style. Very rootsy with a building beat, going a bit more uptempo. Nice little oh-oh-oh bit in the end there, almost U2-esque. Wow great song, great performance, a very well deserved ovation. Randy loved everything about it. Steven heard Paul Simon in there and says he was perfect.

I think without question, based on tonight’s performances Phillip Phillip deserves to win American Idol.

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