American Idol 11: Top 3 Perform

Tonight they are doing judges choice, their choice and Jimmy’s choice. 3 songs each, 3 singers.

Joshua Ledet kicking off the night with judges choice, an oldie. Kinda sultry, for a dude. He starts going off into the screaming thing, doing a scat type ending. Judges give him a standing ovation. I wasn’t too excited by it though, it was good but just not spectacular for me. Steven says it’s like a dream come true and he sang like the winner tonight. JLo says he brought down the house, again. Randy says his style is so classic the song fit him like a glove.

Jessica Sanchez next, the judges chose a Mariah Carey song for her. It’s definitely a different type song for her, her voice seems uncomfortable actually as if she’s straining to sing in this upper register. Randy said that was just beautiful and one of the best times a Mariah song has ever been done on TV. JLo says hard song but she did it her own way. Steven says when she sings people hang on her every note.

Phillip Phillips is doing Beggin by Madcon. Who? What? This song is pretty upbeat actually and he’s making it sound good. Good energy on stage, getting the crowd into it, he’s a true performer. Slows it down at the end before building it back up to a crescendo to finish. Round 1 goes to Phillip in my eyes. Excellent. JLo says it was great. Steven says the spotlight belongs in his face and he can be the next Springsteen. Randy says another incredible performance by you.

The contestants are going home now. Joshua on a plane almost shitting his pants.

Joshua is doing his own choice- John Lennon’s Imagine. It’s nice to see him out of the R&B soul type genres. He’s taking it nice and slow, really cherishing the performance and showing off his vocal power in a slow controlled way. He’s singing it pretty straightforward, adding a little bravado here and there, but not over the top. JLo is singing along, Randy bopping his head diagonally. Nice big ending. Wow, just wow. JLo says it was pulled back and controlled and that’s hard to do. Randy says he dug deep and we felt it.

Jessica Sanchez heads home to San Diego…via helicopter. Sweet.

Jessica is doing Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. Ballsy to do it right in front of Steven Tyler. This is more in her sweet spot, vocally than the last one. Very nice to start off, with big drawn out vocals that is right for her. Great performance, great voice. Steven gives her a standing ovation. He says she took a great song and made it greater. JLo says that note at the end sent everyone to the heavens. Randy says that was bold, it was a little slow but she delivered on the big note at the end.

Phillip Phillips heading on home. Heads back to the pawn shop, sees his parents.

Now he’s doing his choice of songs, Rob Thomas something or other. Again with the sexy female saxophone player. He’s rocking out, slowly, putting some passion into this one. Kinda cool. Not really a showstopper but solid overall. JLo says it was good but lacked the wow factor. Steven agrees, says it wasn’t over the top but good. Randy didn’t really like it either- too subdued.

Now it’s Jimmy Iovine’s round of picks.

Jimmy picked a Mary J. Blige song for Joshua Ledet- No More Drama. Good choice Jimmy, he’s kinda rolling with it here and here comes the big ending where he can just go nuts. Strips the jacket off and oh yeah, he’s like a man possessed speaking in tongues and shit like a preacher on crack. Randy says he’s an amazing performer with true star potential. JLo says he knows what to do and when to do it and he’s spontaneous and exciting. Steven Tyler says it was over the top.

Jimmy has chosen I’ll Be There by the Jackson 5 for Jessica Sanchez. So yeah it’s sort of 2 Mariah songs for her tonight. You can tell she’s happy to sing this one, very sweet and tender and beautiful vocal. Her singing is spot on and it really actually is more Michael Jackson than Mariah I guess. Can’t go wrong either way. Big ending before bringing it back around softly. Well done JS. Steven says perfect voice, perfect song, she nailed it. JLo says it was a good song choice and perfect tone in her voice and she killed it at the end. Randy liked it but didn’t love it (really Randy?!)

Closing out the night is We’ve Got Tonight by Bob Seger, as performed by Phillip Phillips. No guitar for this one. That raspy tone is ideal for this song. He looks like he doesn’t know what to do with his non-mic holding hand without his guitar. Real slow and subdued but he’s putting some real feeling into it at the end. Very solid. Standing ovation from the three judges. Randy calls it the perfect song for the perfect time and his best of the show ever. He had a moment. He’s in it to win it. JLo says it was really sweet, like a lullaby. Steven drops a few bleeped out words to describe this one.

Uhm tough call, they were all pretty good for the most part. I flipped a three way coin and am predicting Jessica Sanchez goes home base on that.

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