American Idol 11: Top 4 Perform

Tonight’s theme is music that inspired them and California? Missed it was totally taking a drink (gotta warm up the vocal chords here).

Phillip Phillip leading off, showing his journey to this point. He’s rocking Creedence’s Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Good band for his growl style. Interestingly, no guitar tonight. He looks pretty comfortable without the guitar actually, dancing around the microphone stand a bit. He’s adding his little flare to the song, fun song to do, very upbeat. Steven Tyler says he’s something else. JLo liked his Joe Cocker style quality. Randy thought it started off rough but then his vibe lightened up and the pitch was there.

Hollie Cavanagh next up with Journey’s Faithfully. Nice slow ballad for her. She seems more relaxed on stage tonight. The performance is good, it even seems like she’s putting a little bit of emotion into this one and is not so robotic. Big ol’ note at the end. She’s talented obviously but I just don’t find her that likable. Randy Jackson says she’s peaking at the right time. JLo felt the confidence and growth. Steven says her creativity is blooming.

Joshua Ledet is doing Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up. Forget about it. I’m out of superlatives for this guy, you just know this is going to be ridiculously good and it is. An inspirational song that he doesn’t need to scream the whole time. Huge performance. Nice little flourishes at the end before just taking it big and powerful. Just awesome dog. Just give this guy the title already. JLo loved the drama. Steven says he sang his ass off. Randy in his bizarre suit jacket loved the vibe.

Jessica Sanchez is doing Etta James’ Steal Away. Is this too old fashioned for her. Not sure about this song choice, this jazzy lounge style. She’s really using the lower register of her voice and kinda screaming it. This is just not right. She needs to be doing a song more like Hollie did, not this. Ehhhh. Jennifer Lopez says she’s one of the best. Steven says she nailed it and showed off another side of her voice. Randy loved the vibe and says she can sing the phone book.

Phillip Phillip’s second song is Damien Rice’s Volcano. Jimmy Iovine says he finally doesn’t sound like another artist (uhhhmmm Dave Mathews?). Don’t know about that. Slow song, he’s seated with his acoustic guitar. It’s pretty good, right in his range, no screaming. It’s really showing off a depth to his voice. Very nice. Steven says he never heard him sing like that before and he could listen to that on headphones over and over again. JLo says very few people could pull that kind of thing off and it was one of the most poignant moments of the show- ever. Randy says this is what it’s all about, one of his best performances of the season.

Hollie is following up with I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt. Let’s hope the robot doesn’t show up. She’s really trying to put some feeling in it, but it takes more than just some hand gestures to be “feeling it” Hollie. It just doesn’t seem like it has emotion. It just feels like an audition and kinda forced. Steven says it felt short dynamically. JLo says she tried to bring emotion and it made her vocal off. Randy says it didn’t have any moments.

Joshua Ledet with “It’s a Man’s World”. Joshua Ledet doing James Brown, oh wow. Joshua is powering through this one. It’s like a showcase for him. He has a full string and brass band with backup singers, an entire orchestra’s worth and he’s overpowering them all, not an easy task. He’s growling and pausing. Rinse and repeat, oh nuts he’s got a falsetto too? Standing O in my living room, standing ovation from the judges. Steven says nobody has ever sung with that much compassion on this show, ever. JLo says she thought she had seen everything from him, but she hasn’t. Sickening. Randy says he delivered.

Jessica Sanchez is closing out the night with Jennifer Holiday’s “And I Am Telling You”. Lesser known song from Dreamgirls. She’s really putting her all into this, running the range. She looks like she’s pissed off or something. Big moment at the end but I just don’t know about that. The judges are all over it, giving her the standing ovation. Steven says it was over the top, another winning performance. JLo says there’s nothing to say, her vocal ability is off the charts. Randy says it’s one of the hardest songs in the world to sing

Well with only four left, the bottom three are pretty obviously going to be everyone except for Joshua Ledet. I think Phillip will be safe, leaving the two ladies. Everyone but me seems to like Jessica Sanchez’s first song so that leaves Hollie as the weak link tonight and we’re predicting (for what I feel like is the fifth time) that Hollie will go.

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  • have been tackier than a Randy Jackson accessory honestly, dawg has to stop trying to make his pins happen but it would ve risked cutting short a night that featured not one, not two, but three separate performances that could easily qualify for most Top 50 Idol Performances of All Time lists.

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