American Idol 11: Top 6 Perform

It’s Queen night. Should be interesting.

Leading off the show is Jessica Sanchez doing Bohemian Rhapsody. They’re kinda recreating the video in the background with her face. Starts off good with the “mama” section. But there’s a weird cut in the middle to the rocking part which is kinda awkward for her, she’s just not a rocker chick and it’s not working. Slow ending is ok. Odd song choice for her, just odd I think. Steven Tyler says rock isn’t her forte. I agree Steven. JLo didn’t think it had enough rock performance. Randy Jackson loved it, she had great restraint without any runs in it.

Skylar Laine is following up with The Show Must Go On. It’s slow and not so countrified to start before the big chorus. Very different sound for her, really showing off her voice, it’s pretty good. Wow I’m very impressed. Steven says she put a little shine on her voice, good energy and passion. Jennifer Lopez says she really articulated every part of the story, very powerful. Randy says it was effortless, “she’s gotta have it”.

Next up is Joshua Ledet with Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Very retro vibe for him and he’s got the old school microphone to sing it. He’s rocking and reeling all over the stage, in a good way. It almost seems like he’s trying to do too much with the song, putting a lot into every line, almost to the point of screaming. It was solid but a little too much for me. Randy says that was unbelievable. Steven says Freddie would have love it.

Elise Testone now with I Want it All. Big power song for her, right off the bat; she slips off the in-ear monitor I notice. She’s rocking the tambourine. This is really good for her, sultry and powerful and getting the crowd into it, just big arena power rock. Steven says she found her stride and he enjoyed it. JLo says it was natural and sexy and it all came together. Randy Jackson says that was unbelievable as well and it was the right type of song for her, brilliant, one of her best performances to date.

Ohh yeah Phillip Phillips doing Fat Bottomed Girls. Love this song, I might be biased. He’s putting the Phillip growl on it, making it sound like his signature style (Dave Mathews). Big rock chorus getting the crowd into it. What I like about Phillip Phillips is that he’s always smiling and looking like he’s having a great time, not so serious like say Jessica Sanchez. Steven Tyler says the bigger the cushion, the bigger the cushion, and he likes his character and song choice. JLo loves that he gives different flavors each week (AND YES SHE BRINGS UP THE DAVE MATHEWS THING! HELLO, BEEN SAYING THAT ALL SEASON). Sorry for yelling there. Randy thought it was just ok.

Hollie Cavanagh, somehow still in the competition is doing Save Me. A lesser known song, I guess it’s good. I don’t know. Steven says she did a good job with it. JLo says she didn’t look like she connected to the song or enjoy it. Randy thought it was good but said she didn’t have to pull back so much and she needed to have a moment.

Jessica Sanchez with her second song. It’s Dance with my Father. Good song for her, nice and slow and vocally. Showcase for her, maybe a little too audition-y but she can’t go wrong with this type of song. It’s just maybe a bit too safe though. JLo says that might have been the best she’s ever heard that song. Steven says she can’t sing a song bad. Randy says she’s truly amazing.

Skylar Laine with her choice and surprise! It’s a country rocker song. Here’s the twang and the country angry power Skylar thing finger pointing in the air, big note at the end. Randy says she’s fearless and sings the way she wants and has fun every time. Steven misses the flair but he liked it regardless.

Joshua Ledet taking it real slow with his second choice. Very stripped down, he’s showing off his range a little bit, doing some falsetto work here. Standing ovation from the judges. Randy says he’s way beyond his age, a real talent. JLo doesn’t even know what to say anymore.

Elise Testone is doing Jimi’s Bold as Love. Not sure if this is a good song for a vocal performance but she’s extending the lines out a little bit. She’s kinda scatting here in the middle and she’s vocally all over the place, wow this is totally not working for me at all. Wow just too weird. Steven Tyler says he loved it but she needs to sing a familiar song. Jennifer says she slayed that song. I don’t know about that JLo. Randy didn’t think it was the right song, she was just singing too much, boxing with the song.

Phillip Phucking Phillips doing either a Dave Mathews song or a song he’s making sound like a Dave Mathews song. Wow not a good song choice at all. Doesn’t show off his voice or his performing energy at all. Steven didn’t really like it but says he did? JLo thought it was too obscure and artsy. Randy disagrees, and says he’s an artist no matter what and he loved it.

Hollie Cavanagh closing out the show. She’s a bit more expressive with this one, showing a little feeling. She’s not a robot! Pretty solid stuff Hollie, great vocals. Randy says Hollie is back, that was beautiful. JLo says she stepped it up, she had emotion. Steven agrees.

Honestly not a really strong week all around on Idol, lot of off song choices. By process of elimination here we will call Skylar and Joshua safe since both had two good performances. We’ll call Jessica Sanchez safe too despite the bad rock section in her first song. That leaves Phillip, Elise, and Hollie. I want it to be Hollie going but I think it’s going to be Elise.

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