American Idol 11: Top 9 Perform

Tonight the American Idols will take on their idols. They’ll also be performing in trios. Stevie Nicks is here to give advice along with Jimmy Iovine.

Colton Dixon leads off the night with Everything by Lifehouse. He looks really into the song, giving the far off stare as he softly sings the lines before the big chorus. It’s powerful and anthemic, dude is a real rock star out there, he’s got the motions and emotions and the voice and the look. Steven Tyler calls him a dream come true, perfect pitch with star quality. JLo says it was so emotional and she was really moved. Randy says he has believability and is a contender for the title.

Skylar Laine is doing Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead next. Stevie Nicks tells her to tell the story. It’s another high energy country rock-y-tonk deal. Skylar does pretty well, doing the head shaking angry shaking thing but it kinda reminds me of every other song she’s done this season. Jennifer Lopez says she has unbridled energy. Steven says it was like she was singing to her old friend (whatever that means). Randy Jackson says she’s a powerhouse.

Heejun Han follows up with Donny Hathaway’s A Song for You. This is a more serious song for him. Slow and melodic, the ballad is appropriate for his voice and style. The crowd roars in approval. Steven calls him Hee-man but says he let the song sing him, and the song came alive. JLo says he had the most beautiful tone and bravado. RJ says welcome back with that buttery tone we heard a while back.

Hollie Cavanagh is next doing Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take the Wheel. She makes Stevie Nicks cry which is a good thing in this case. This is a bit of a different type of song for her, going country but it has those big American Idol style notes the contestants love to do. She’s holding her own putting a lot of emotion and power into it. Randy says it was a risk for her to take on an Idol winner’s song and it was a little sketchy in the lower range but she did a good job. JLo loved it. Steven liked it a bit but it wasn’t the best song for her.

DeAndre Brackensick is doing Eric Benet’s Sometimes I Cry. This is totally weird, he’s going all falsetto the whole song. Just weird, he looks like a girl with that hair and is singing like a girl, I don’t know about this one but the crowd goes wild on it. Steven says it was 100% passion. JLo says he has a special voice and tells everyone to call up for him? OK JLo. Randy liked the old R&B throwback thing.

Jessica Sanchez is doing a Beyonce song Sweet Dreams. She’s slowing it down a bit. Weird stage set with doors in the middle of nowhere and a harp like an early 90’s music video. I’m too distracted by the red doors to hear the song but she’s doing her thing with it, showing off some control in her voice before “exiting” through one of the doors. JLo liked the rendition. Steven Tyler thinks she’s a star no matter what and she held it back a bit but did it again. Randy says she told a beautiful story in a beautiful way.

Dave Mathews…err I mean Phillip Phillips is next singing Johnny Lang’s “Still Raining”. Well he’s mixing it up this week with an electric guitar but doing his typical rock out big star high energy Dave Mathews growling impression. JLo says she feels the music through him and he makes everything else go away when he sings. Steven agrees and says he owns every song he sings. Randy likes his bluesy soulful rendition and individuality and not sounding like someone else (Randy, he sounds just like Dave Mathews).

Joshua Ledet is following up with Mariah Carey’s version of Without You. Jimmy Iovine calls it one of the most 5 challenging songs in pop music. Big song. He’s feeling it and pulling it off, somehow. He kinda goes off in the middle, screaming a bit and starts crying at the end? What? the? Fuck? Randy Jackson says Mariah would be proud and he has a big voice and needs to sing big songs like these and it was emotional. Steven says he pushed himself beyond his own limits. Jennifer says he’s a phenom, an angel from heaven, godsend.

Closing out the night is Elise Testone doing Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. Wow rocking song. Gotta love a women singing Robert Plant. She’s glammed out like a rock star and as expected rocking out across the stage, putting a little sweetness at the end of some lines and pure power to others. She’s in her element here, I’m digging the hell out of this. Bring out the repair crew because the house was just brought the hell down. Steven says nobody can pull that song off and she did. JLo says that was some real rock star stuff. Randy says she did an amazing job.

Wow tough call tonight, a lot of strong performances and almost everyone sang a song that was appropriate for their voice and style. We’re going to predict Skylar Laine, DeAndre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez in the bottom three with DeAndre going home.

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