American Idol: Finale

Both Scotty and Lauren have huge crowds gathered in their hometowns waiting for the announcement of the winner. All thirteen top finalist come back for a big number. Nice to see some of them (Paul McDonald, James Durbin), not so much for a few others as Michael from Lost appears in the audience.

James Durbin rocks out a ridculous studded leather vest and Village People style police hat as he sings “Living After Midnight” with Judas F’n Priest. Awesome, he should have won. Never thought I’d see Judas Priest on American Idol, pyrotechnics and all as they do a second number “Breaking the Law”.

Randy Jackson montage of “what type of show is this” and “in it to win it”. Jacob Lusk out doing some gospel number and Gladys Night comes out- better than anything he did all season.

Casey Abrams up now doing Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls”. Isn’t he dating Haley Reinhart? Just saying. Jack Black comes out in a matching suit lol lol. This is pretty freaking’ sweet. Scat war duet, they kinda look alike. They should take this act on the road.

Seacrest promises to announce the results before our DVR’s stop this year. Thanks buddy. All the female contests now singing All the Single Ladies. Damn what’s her name looks just like Beyonce. Ugh Naima. Nice to see Pia back, she’s good. Beyonce medley going on and now they bring out the real Beyonce, it’s so crazy right now. The contestants are sent to the background vocals.

Steven Tyler montage now, lots of bleeping and Tylerisms. Great job this year Steven, good addition to the show.

Haley Reinhart is now Stepping Out with Tony Bennett. This is the type of swing song that she should have been doing all season. Tony’s looking old but good. Not bad for an 85 year old man, dancing around.

Now up is the JLo montage who it seems that all the contestants loved this year.

Lil Jon, fresh off the Apprentice is out with TLC bouncing around like crazy. And he’s off the stage as quickly as he was on. That was whack. I didn’t know TLC was still together; they don’t seem to have replaced Left Eye. Well maybe tonight they replaced her with half the female contestants- Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls- great song.

Scotty McCreery and Tim McGraw are dueling on Live Like Your Dying. McNice McStuff McThere.

Clip package of all the worst tryouts. I could watch that backflip over the lying down cameraman getting his camera smashed 1000 times in a row and never get tired of it. Marc Anthony doing some flamenco style numbers all in Spanish as JLo’s booty comes out on stage. Oh she turns around, ok back to the booty shaking- impressive, very impressive. Sheila E. on drums.

All the top guys are out doing Prince’s Kiss. Stefano right up your alley on lead with the falsetto, or it might not be a falsetto. Oh actually it’s a Tom Jones medley with Paul McDonald on She’s a Lady and James Durbin on What’s New Pussycat which is not really his style at all. Too much Lusk and McCreery, not enough Paul McDonald on this batch. Thank goodness Tom Jones himself shows up for It’s Not Unusual. What is unusual is the amount of work he’s had done on his face. Wow, that’s a shocking amount of plastic surgery Tom, really.

Ford commercial and Scotty and Lauren get their choice of any Ford vehicle they want. Do they even have licenses? Lady Gaga is coming out doing “Edge of Glory”. She has a headress that kinda makes her look like a tranny Harry Potter or something perched on a rock climbing wall.

Lauren comes out without introduction and is joined by Carrie Underwood who looks all glammed out. Nice duet, they sing well together, voices mesh. Lauren does look a little starstruck. Not sure if they really need pyrotechnics for a country style song like this, but there they are.

Clip package with the contestants making fun of how young the two finalists are- funny. Beyonce doing her new single One Plus One. Bono and The Edge doing a song from Spiderman the Musical now, let’s hope nobody gets killed. Oh crap they’ve got Spiderman bouncing around on ropes. Doesn’t appear to have injured himself. Good. This song is kinda mellow- very chill. Doesn’t make me want to see the musical.

Steven Tyler is performing now on piano…Dream On… yes!!! Shortened version, no Aerosmith but JLo (and I) loved it. Tasty treat.

Now they’ve brought out the nerdy British accountant with the envelope with the winner’s name. Seacrest opens it and the winner of American Idol season 10 is: Scotty McCreery. Congrats to Scotty. He kisses Lauren on the lips as they cut away. Wow. He gets a microphone statuette thing. He proceeds to not sing his song as he hugs his family. This big. Love you this big… just helping you out buddy. The streamers and confetti fall and the big Scotty Wins comes on the screens. Nice job Scotty.

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