American Idol: Top 12 Female Semi-Finalists Perform

Tonight was our first chance to see and hear the top 12 girls on American Idol perform. Oh yes it’s ladies night, oh what a night. Here’s how it went down:

Ta-Tynisa Wilson leads off with “Only Girl In the World” a Rihanna song. It felt like a spirited 1980s rollerskating version, which is pretty much what her hair is like tonight. Ta-Ty is probably one of the first or the first dashed name contestants. Randy Jackson thinks it’s “just ok” not unique. Is randy the new Simon? The other two seem too nice. Seacrest says it takes a lot to move Randy, which if officially American Idol Season 10’s first fat joke.

The second to perform is Naima Adedapo, wearing a self-designed dress that looks like…..well a self designed dress, too long in the back and too short in the front. She’s singing Gershwin’s “Summertime” almost like a tranny on Broadway lounge act would but with a big note at the end. The judges liked it, said she worked it out at the end. It was certainly better than the dress.

Kendra Chantelle has gone from bathtub sales to sending men to have to take a cold shower with that sultry “Impossible” (Christina Aguilera). Those were some tiiiight leather pants, and a tight performance. Its these kind of outfits where Idol could use more typically pervy cameraman for some rear shots, ever notice how most cameramen are pervs (what’s the deal with that)? Well received by all 3 judges. Stephen says she’s hot.

Rachel Zevita is back on idol for the second time and begins with a bizarre scarf throwaway stripper move, trying to be sexy but we just saw her at like 12 years old in the video package, so it’s not really working. Too young. She’s stepping down the steps and strutting around the judge panel. I’m just not believing it. The Fiona Apple song is out of her comfort range, too Broadway-like.

Karen Rodriguez is up next singing Hero by Mariah Carey and busting out the Spanish lyrics all Enrique Iglesias style. It’s a bold move taking on Mariah in week one but she pulls it off playing well to the moving camera, giving “the look” and hitting the big note. Putting her own little spin on it. Fantastic, see you next week Karen.

Lauren Turner is next; she’s kinda got the ugly duckling Jersey girl thing going on but man can she sing. Randy Jackson get caught on camera in a bizarre head bopping moment that just begs for an animated gif. She’s put out kind of a powerful husky, deep throated raspy bluesy version of “Seven Day Fool” Etta James that was good but the judges thought she could do even more with it.

Ashthon Jones up next, she appears in a denim lingerie top and giant diva hair singing “Love All Over Me” by Monica with soaring vocals complete with a confidently angry camera point. Judges mostly liked it but definitely liked her confidence more than the song. I’m not sure, she might just be too much attitude for me.

Julie Zorilla hit the stage looking like a star, everything from the dress to the hair to the hand motions. She definitely has a very marketable radio ready voice- total package. She did Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, and it’s always a dangerous move to do a former Idol’s song (usually it doesn’t work out for the contestant). JLo didnt think she connected to the song, RJ and Cryptpkeeper not big on it either. She’ll probably get through on personality.

Haley Reinhart came out in a short black mini for “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys. It was a very animated version complete with quivering lips. RJ calls it karaoke, ST and JLO seemed to like it. I have two words about this one JESSICA RABBIT. ’nuff said.

Thia Megia begins singing very softly, almost hard to hear her. A very stripped down version of “Out Here on My Own” by Irene Cara sounding like a high school choir solo song or something with just piano and vocals. RJ somehow compares her tone to Michael Jackson? I’m not hearing that. She’s really good but I’m not sure if this song had the energy she needed to go on, unfortunately.

Lauren Alania comes out with a ball or country style attitude and swagger and more eye shadow than should be legal for a 16 year old on “Turn on the Radio” by Reba McEntire. Full on light show, strobes, big note at the end, solid performance. Kelly Clarkston meets Carrie Underwood, big compliment from Randy J. Universal praise from the judges.

Last up is Pia Toscano taking it slow with I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders (aka I’m Stan Bayou). Just standing still at the mic letting her vocals do all the talking with some of the night’s biggest notes to close out the song. Standing ovation from the judges, just bringing the house down. W to O to the second W. Mr. Jackson (yeah, she was nasty) calls it one of the best performance on idol EVER. Agreed.

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