American Idol: Top 2 Finalists Perform

Ryan Seacrest intros the final two and shares that Lauren Alaina blew out her vocal chord earlier today but got medical assistance and is fine. The three rounds are contestant’s choice, the contestant’s idol’s choice, and what their first single would be if they win.

Scotty McCreery is leading off with “Gone”. It’s yet another average sounding country song, no surprise. The most interesting part of this performance is his crazy eyebrow expressions. Generic country. Judges don’t comment, interesting.

Lauren Alaina’s first song is “Flat on the Floor”. She comes out full of energy, her voice doesn’t seem to be bothered by the earlier incident. Good performance, had a bit of a big arena show feel to it.

For round two Scotty’s personal idol George Strait will be picking the song. He choose his own song “Check Yes or No”. Hmmm no video of George Strait making the choice? Scotty’s got his acoustic guitar and plaid shirt. Quick rendition, not too exciting honestly. They are really rushing this show to fit it into one hour.

Carrie Underwood chose “Maybe It Was Memphis” for Lauren Alaina. This is showcasing the sweetness in her tone with some next big notes for her during the chorus and end. She seemed excited to be singing the song.

Now the judges are sharing their thoughts. Randy says it’s pretty even, they both did a good job. He doesn’t have much to say about either but thought Scotty did better for the first songs and Lauren for the second ones. Way to say nothing Randy. JLo agrees with RJ pretty much. Steven Tyler gives both rounds to Lauren because she’s prettier. It’s almost as if they are trying not to influence anyone voting.

Taio Cruz is now out with a bevy of lit up drummers singing the song America helped co-write “Positivity”. No idea what that’s all about. It’s no “Break Your Heart”.

Scotty’s doing the song that will be his first single should he win. It’s called “Love You This Big”. Scotty’s all decked out in a suit. The song starts out slow, almost like a romantic ballad. Nice building chorus that suits his voice nicely. Pretty good stuff actually. Randy likes how the range is both high and low and how he hit that big end note. JLo says he’s a storyteller and he did an amazing job. Cryptkeeper says he’s come a long way and he nailed it.

Lauren’s song is called “Like My Mother Does”. This is another slow ballad with a strong chorus. She’s getting a little lost with the background singers and goes over to her Mom in the audience; well every Mom in America is now voting for Lauren. Very nice song, touching. Randy thought it was an amazing song and she has arrived finally- standing O from Randy. JLo says she may have just won with that song, she sang with heart, emotion, feeling and a beautiful voice. Steven says she is the American Idol in his eye.

David Cook closes out the evening with Don’t You Forget About Me; the most exciting thing all night.

Our pick is hands down Lauren Alaina. Not only was she superior this week, she was superior in almost all prior weeks. She has more of a variety of styles than Scotty and is overall just better and less generic.

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