American Idol: Top 4 perform

It’s getting down to the end here on American Idol with just four contestants left. They will be singing songs that inspire them and the songbook of Lieber and Stoller. Lady Gaga is mentoring- huge!

James Durbin is leading off the show doing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. He begins by getting the crowd pumped and shout out to former Journey member Randy Jackson. The big soaring vocals are right up James’ alley. Eat your fu^king heart out Steve Perry that was pretty awesome. Get a casket and a coroner because he just freakin’ killed it. Steven Tyler says it was great. JLo likes when he goes into his upper register. Randy gives him props for wearing the Journey shirt and slaying a song with a high degree of difficulty.

Haley Reinhart, somehow still in the competition, is doing Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” which someone seems to do every year. She’s managing to sing slow and softly without sounding like Jessica Rabbit as she has in previous weeks. She’s kinda screaming towards the end and it’s a bit awkward and not really fitting in with the song at all. JLo felt the feeling in the song BUT after James’ popular choice, this is too obscure. Randy with a bizarre two toned clown looking suit jacket, said the song doesn’t really suit her and she was screaming at the end. Haley hates constructive criticism. Luckily Steven Tyler says she nailed it even though she clearly didn’t. Thank goodness because if he said something bad she’d probably break down and storm off the stage crying.

Scotty “the body” McCreery is doing “Where were you when the world stopped turning” by Alan Jackson. This is a smart choice in light of Bin Laden’s capture last week. Very timely. Scotty’s sitting on a stool with his acoustic guitar sounding as “generic country guy” as he does every week. RJ says amazing song, amazing lyric, and perfect song choice and he’s ready for superstardom. Steven said it was beautiful and he had passion. JLo is in love with him. Even the judges are running out of shit to say about him because he sounds the same every week.

Lauren Alaina is doing “Anyway” by Martina McBride. I don’t know this song but she’s really bringing good energy to it and Lauren can definitely sing. Her fashion choices leave a bit to be desired- too short in the front, too long in the back. Steven Cryptkeeper Tyler says she delivers a song like a blue plate special, whatever the hell that means. JLo says it was good that she listened to their advice and it was a great vocal performance. RJ says Lauren is back- that was hot, nothing wrong at all.

Now we’re up for round two- Lieber and Stoller songs with the heavily made-up (natch) Lady Gaga advising.

Haley is leading this round with “I who have nothing”. Gaga wants her to add a bit of drama to the pause before the last lyric, make it a bit theatrical. In the performance she’s creating intrigue with her arm movements and gigantic soaring vocals. This song really leaves a lot to the performer to interpret and she’s putting on a show here. Redeemed her first round right here. Standing O from the judges. JLo says look what you’re capable of, you are that amazing, one of the best of the year. Randy says she came back and she just had a moment that put her in it to win it. Steven says she just Reinhart’ed herself into next week.

Now up is Scotty, doing “Young Blood” by The Coasters. Gaga says he’s bringing some humor to it. He’s out in a good ol’ boy flannel. This is a very animated performance for him, he’s almost doing a high school theater performance. It just strikes me as very amateur. It showed a different side of him- a not so good side. He brought humor alright, but we’re laughing at him. Randy likes that he had fun with it compared to his more serious first song. Steven liked it.

Lauren follows up with “Trouble” by Elvis Presley. Lauren is nervous about singing “I’m evil” but Gaga snaps her back to reality- it’s a song. Lauren is wearing a shimmering sparkling outfit strutting around the stage just totally owning it with a maturity beyond her years. Plus she’s kinda totally killing it with the vocals. Very solid stuff right there. Steven loved it. Jennifer like the performance quality and maturity. RJ liked the rocker with attitude vibe.

Not sure why they’ve switched up the order from round one but it’s great that James Durbin is closing out the show with “Love Potion #9”. Gaga tells him to move his hips before mounting up right behind him- she’s kinda scary. He’s coming out on stage kinda yelling it but it’s strong- a real arena rock performance style metal show here. Huge vocal breakdown at the end- total showstopper. On freaking’ fire James Durbinsanity. JLo says he can sing anything. RJ says he’s peaking at the right time- that was hot.

This round can be summed up in one word: Durbinsanity. Best of the nigh followed by Lauren Alaina. Going home is either going to be Scotty McCreery or Haley Reinhart. I’m thinking it’s Haley’s time, finally but I’m fine with either one getting the boot.

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