American Idol Top 4 Results Show

Normally we don’t post on the results shows because the duets are horrible and it’s basically 58 minutes of filler for 2 minutes of what you want to see. But last night was a travesty of epic proportions. And since it’s the American public that’s voting we’ll say this right now: America you suck and have no taste in music. The best performer of the night and the season so far- James Durbin was sent home after yet another set of incredible performances. It’s total Durbinsanity.

The dude just killed it last night with two performances that were far and away better than all three other contestants combined. Who did the American voting public put in over James Durbin? Lauren Alaina- ok she was good, this is acceptable. Scotty McCreery- he is horrible! Doesn’t anyone see that he does the same generic country voice for every song? All his songs sound the same and when he tried to do something different and a do a fun non-country song like the other night he failed 100%. And what’s wrong with his neck? Don’t even get me started on how crappy Haley Reinhart is either. Admittedly she does have occasional flashes of greatness but over half the time she sounds like Jessica Rabbit. The judges said they like when you growl like 15 weeks ago and now you’re growling every song and it’s horrible. She’s been bottom 3 numerous times and each time lucked out because somebody else was worse that week. She does not deserve to be there.

Flat out James Durbin was 100% robbed but after Adam Lambert lost to what’s his name again?, I can’t expect much from the American voting public. Idol Fail. Durbinsane.

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