American Idol: Top 6 Perform

Tonight’s theme is the music of Carole King. She’s had 118 songwriting credits on the Billboard charts, so a good amount of material for the contestants to work with. Babyface will be in the studio with them this week.

Jacob Lusk is leading off after his bottom 3 performance last week. He’s going to be doing “Oh no not my baby” He’s wearing a horrible plaid jacket topping an even worse yellow shirt, sweater and bowtie. Oh no not that outfit I say. It’s a pretty upbeat swinging song with a few big vocal parts. Crowd is into it but it felt kinda generic to me. Stephen Tyler liked that he danced and moved a bit. JLo says it wasn’t perfect but he brought it home at the end. Randy Jackson liked his energy.

Lauren Alaina is following with “Where You Lead”. Miley Cyrus comes in to the studio to give her a little pep talk. It’s a sort of obscure choice for me. She’s giving it a bit of a sassy performance, bringing some dude onstage even to sing to in a flirty style- is that her boyfriend or just a random? Nice performance. JLo is proud of her, felt her pushing it. RJ said he didn’t love the song but he loved her attitude. Mr. Tyler says she shined. Turns out he’s a random dude, 19 years old, and Seacrest gives him the boot, implying he’s a creep for looking at her. Leave the inappropriate flirting to the experts- like Seacrest.

Casey and Haley are dueling on I Feel the Earth Move. I hope they’re not saving all the “good” songs for the duets. It’s a double growling decent duet.

Scotty McCreery is following with “You’ve Got a Friend”. Hooray- a non-country song! This could be good for him. He’s holding the microphone like a normal human being tonight putting his crooked neck countrified take on it. It’s actually pretty good; as much as I don’t like this guy I do like this version. Wow he’s even holding out some notes. Color me impressed. RJ like the tender moment and his range. Cryptkeeper Tyler liked that he took it someplace else. JLo liked that he reached to the higher register of his voice.

James Durbin is doing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, a love song. Changing it up a bit, stripping it down from his marching band flaming piano performances in past weeks. He’s starting out with a strong acapella vocal before kicking it in with the full electric guitar performance. The judges are all bopping along. He’s pretty much slaying the shit out this one, just hitting all the right notes. Super super solid. ST loved it and not just because it was the first song he ever made out with a girl to. JLo says it was magical and he is the star of the night and he’s consistent every week. Randy says he’s in it to win; he was not just a great rock singer but he’s a great singer period and he might win the whole freaking’ thing. Gonna have to agree with that one, dawg.

Lauren and Scotty duet on Up on the Roof. Ehh did nothing for me.

Casey Abrams is now up doing “Hi-De-Ho”. He’s wearing a pimp hat and gangsta suit, surrounding by soloing brass sultry performers. He’s singing like he’s in some pissed off Broadway show, throwing his hat away and just growling and sorts of screaming into the mic all bug-eyed and insane. Too weird for me, just weird. RJ liked the arrangement. Stephen says he found his niche. JLo says it worked but he needs to loosen up physically.

Haley Reinhart is closing the night off with “Beautiful”. Pretty upbeat, not too exciting for me though. But I don’t really like 90% of what she does, so what do I know? Judges liked it except Randy didn’t like the beginning.

Overall this week was kinda weak and song selections were a bit weird. Which makes it easy to pick out the losers. Phew. Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams are our bottom three predictions this week. I think it might be Jacob’s turn to go- he’s had a few mediocre weeks in a row and I fear that he will bring another fashion abomination like tonight’s plaid jacket back to the stage next week- so thus he must go.

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