American Idol: Top 7 Perform

Tonight’s theme is music from the 21st Century. That’s pretty general, I mean what’s next- songs that have the word “the” in them?. Seacrest introduces all the losers that got voted out so far (all women and Paul McDonald). They all proceed to demonstrate exactly whey they were voted out with a disharmonious performance worthy of the fast forward button.

Scotty McCreery is leading off with “Swinging” by LeeAnn Rhimes as all the other contestants make fun of his ridiculous microphone holding. This is more a lighthearted uptempo number for him than we’ve seen before. It’s not too bad, and he worked the crowd over pretty nicely. Plus he had a keytar player, so that’s a definite plus. Stephen Tyler liked it. Jennifer Lopez says it’s time to break out the big guns, basically saying “enough with the country shit buddy”. Randy Jackson agrees, says it was boring and safe.

James Durbin is second singing “Uprising” by Muse. He’s coming out with a bunch of marching band drummers, really making a big show. The song has some long notes for him to hold and a few high notes but for some reason it’s not really working here outside of the metal context. Definitely a big performance but I’m not sure how well the vocals were. JLo says it was theatrically the best of the night and it’ the highest he’s ever sung. RJ liked how he did the metal thing in this type of song and he was unbelievable. ST says “stay out of my closet”.

Haley Reinhart follows as the other contestants make fun of her arm wave thing and growl. She’s doing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. This is a pretty good song for her I think, her growling thing is sort of working and as much as I’ve disliked her in weeks past this really wasn’t too bad. Haley’s kinda hit or miss it seems. Randy says it’s the perfect song for her. Stephen Cryptkeeper Tyler liked the feeling in her voice. JLo says it takes guts to sing something so current but she brought Haley to it.

Jacob Lusk is bringing the Luther Vandross tonight with “Dance with my Father”. This song has meaning for him, it could get emotional. He looks like he’s about to lose it, or is it just the in-ear monitor bothering him? Of course this is a good song for him, with that huuuuge note towards the end. It was good but kinda boring for me. ST says he makes him remember the reason why he loves music. JLo says it was emotionally a beautiful performance. RJ says don’t hold back anymore, go for it.

Now Casey Abrams is singing “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5. Good song. He’s strapped with an electric guitar. The vocal style suits him well and he’s smiling and rocking it out. He’s skatting the end, this is actually pretty hot and doing a sort of falsetto growl thing that’s totally working and he plants a kiss on JLo to end the song. She’s totally blushing and says he’s got soft lips. JLo says she loved it- the performance taking a pop song and making it rock. RJ says it’s always about surprise with Casey and he enjoyed it. ST says something that totally causes the censor to drop the audio for a looong time as Seacrest wears a fake beard.

Sefano Langone is singing Neyo’s “Closer”. Jimmy Iovine says he needs to strut more. He’s rocking the down suspenders look which kinda makes him look like he has a load in his pants (in the back, ladies). This disco dance beat club type song is right up his alley (and it better be since he could have picked any song from the last ten years). Pretty good but it seems like the background singers were almost more of the stars of this one than Stefano was. Good energy though. RJ says he smoothed it out and took his time singing. Stephen liked his dancing. JLo liked it, he owned the song.

Closing out the show is Lauren Alaina. The Southern belle will be doing “Born to Fly” by Sarah Evans. The song has a light country-pop feel with some nice soaring vocals that she’s harmonizing nicely on with the background singers. She has a maturity on stage beyond her years and it shows. Nice job. ST says she’s so good naturally. JLo says she has great character and color in her voice. RJ says she still has room to grow.

Tough call this week, I think at this point performance doesn’t entirely decide who goes- popularity does. It’s getting to the point where most of the performances are decent at least so that’s off the table. That said I think Jacob might be in trouble and possibly Scotty McCreery with an outside chance of Haley Reinhart.

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