America’s Next Great Restaurant ep03

American’s Next Great Restaurant or ANGR (oooh horrible acronym) is back and the contestants start off in a Chipotle where Steve Ells schools them on how he made it big. Bobby Flay tells them they have to handle the Chipotle lunch rush. The contestants prep and learn the ropes.

The doors open 11 minutes late. They struggle to get the food made in time, working at half the speed that Chipotle normally serves customers. Steve Ells is in visible pain as they butcher his restaurant. Steve gets to work behind the line and schools them, again. The investors are disappointed, except for Lorena who has nothing to say (did they pre-screen her or what? does she just not saying anything or has no good soundbites?). This segment has nothing to do with anything except as a plug for Chipotle.

Now Bob Filet tells the contestants that except for Meltworks and Saucy Balls, they all need to work on their restaurant’s names and slogans. Also they need to come up with a new signature dish that goes with the slogan.

Joey is going “balls deep” with some of his Saucy Balls slogans Jamawn changes his name from W3 to Soul Daddy since the gumbo went over so well last week and he’s getting away from the waffles concept- good idea. Steve recommends that Sudhir from Tiffin Box gets rid of the Swedish chef (bORK de BORK bORK) and he calls him in the middle of the night to tell him. Judges don’t like Stephenie’s Compleat name but she’s sticking with her guns.

Sudhir will be acting as the chef, he has culinary school experience and his chef will be the sous chef. Hicks change the name to Grill’Billies to focus on the grilling aspect of their concept. Alex, the a-hole from Hard n Soft everything in a taco is still giving Wok Marissa shit about bringing nothing to the table. Since her wok actually goes up in flames as soon as the judges walk in, maybe he’s right. She’s changed her name to Chao, which is much worse IMO.

A ticker tells us there’s 42 days till they open. Now we get to see all the changes the contestants made to their names, their new slogans, and their signature dish.

Sinners and Saints; food for your mood, formerly Limbo. Tasters say there is no competition for this style of food. She makes a bacon cheddar meatloaf and turkey meatloaf. They only give the food a 5 though but the name is so much better now. It’s curious that she chose to “Sinners and Saints” over “Saints and Sinners” which I believe is the more commonly used expression.

Sudhir has not only changed chefs (one last Bork Bork Bork for the Swedish chef? ok all out) but he’s changed the name to Spice Coast; eat flavorfully. That’s a much much better name. He’s made grilled samosa with mango avocado relish, which sound really freaking’ good. I didn’t even know you could grill a samosa, usually they are fried or baked.

Wok is now Chao, the art of stir-fry. That’s a horrible name that tells me nothing. Sure the logo is better but Chao? It sounds like a Chinese restaurant. She’s made tofu and vegetable stir fry in peanut sauce and the judges don’t like the food…again. Curtis Stone says she doesn’t understand stir-fry which sucks for her because her concept is…stir fry.

Alex’s Hard n’ Soft Tacos is now Revolution Tacos; explore, discover, indulge. Good name, ok slogan. Curtis likes it though. He’s giving them Asian pork wonton tacos, which Curtis says it’s disgusting. Alex is still confident though. Also still a d-bag.

Jamawn’s change W3 to Soul Daddy; cooking with heart and soul. He’s made some sort of collard greens, that the judges go bonkers over. They say it’s cozy and homey.

Meltworks new slogan is: artisans ingredients, endless possibilities. Kinda lame- they should have just stuck with something like “the best f@cking grilled cheese you will ever eat” or some crap like that. He’s made black forest ham and gruyere with a bunch of other stuff in it that goes by too quickly to type and I’m too disinterested to rewind. Bobby Flay says there’s too much crap in the sammy; he should go with good dipping sauces.

Hicks has changed the name to Grill’Billie’s; urban grill with southern attitude; be the sauce. Be the sauce? That’s gross. They’ve also sorta changed their concept since they have grill in the name. They’ve made spice rubbed skirt steak with slaw. Krystal and Greg are getting everyone completely confused with the concept- is it grilling or barbecue. Even they don’t know.

Joeys Saucy Balls has simple slogan: Italian home cooking, fresh is best. Dudes kinda a meathead but since he’s serving good meat, it fits. He’s got turkey meatballs with gorgonzola sauce. Everyone seems to love it even though gorgonzola is some of the nastiest stuff you can serve. And by everyone I mean everyone except Lorena, who doesn’t speak on the show.

Next up is Compleat; flavor you can count on. Shes serving chicken skewers over Greek salad. It’s fixed calorie meals but does it have taste? Bobby says it’s safe.

The concept that got the most silver coins was Soul Daddy. The judges want to talk to a few contestants, giving them some questions and telling them why their ideas suck.

Stephenie is defending her Compleat idea and food. Bobby says to put down the calorie book and give them freaking flavor. Also her name sucks. Krystal and Greg up next to defend Grill’Billies. Judges still unclear on the concept if it’s grilled or slow cooked. Dishes are a bit undefined, they have no vision. Steve says they don’t have the ability to put it all together. Marissa from Chao is up third. She agrees that her chef was no good either. Judges say bad decision, no second chances in this industry. She believes in her concept but seems unwilling to change her chef.

Investors are split, they’d probably send all of them home if they could. They like Stephenie though, think she just needs some work. The concept of Grill’Billies is stronger than the contestant are and the investors don’t want to give up on it; Greg and Krystal don’t even know what they have right under their noses. Chao/Wok Marissa is sent packing; she just made too many bad decisions.

Good choice by the judges this week. The wok concept is too simple and not any different than what you can get at any deli or sandwich shop anywhere else. Until next time, ANGR.

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2 comments to America’s Next Great Restaurant ep03

  • Brock Mak

    Marissa’s idea, Chǎo (炒), really is Chinese stir-fried food. I’m Chinese, so the concept is quite obvious, what you see as Chow Mein is actually Chǎo Miàn (炒麵). However, even I won’t go for the idea because for me, I can make that at home, and I’m a far worse cook than my parents and my brother. While you CAN turn what was a family-style restaurant food into a smaller portions for fast-casual environment, the chef has no idea, and Marissa was a fool for not hiring someone who knows the concept well.

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