Big Brother 13: 07.13.2011

Big Brother night! Rachel put Porsche and Keith up on the block, totally Evel Dick’s idea. Keith catches Porsche walking up to the HOH room to talk to the veterans. She doesn’t understand the deal and would rather be off the block than get the Golden Key. She doesn’t trust them… but she should if she knew what she was doing.

Keith is talking about throwing the veto and he has some weird round thing on his temple (wtf is that? cream?). He thinks if he throws it, he will be safe. He thinks he’s got the numbers but he’s worried about Kalia flipping because being on the block on Big Brother makes you paranoid as all hell.

Evel Dick is called to the diary room. He’s been gone for a while and everyone’s getting worried. Something’s up. Rachel is called to the Diary Room which means he’s no longer in there…where’s Dick? Rachel comes back with an envelope to read to the group. Due to an urgent personal matter Dick has to leave the game. That totally sucks because Dick is a great strategist and highly entertaining. Daniele is given the Golden Key to stay on Big Brother for the next four weeks.

Daniele is worried and concerned that she got screwed in the game. She doesn’t seem too concerned about what happened to her father though. Brendan is getting pissed again because the newbies are happy and he’s about to throw a hissy fit and start yelling at them. Half the vets are already writing themselves off. Jeff says “let’s knuckle up like Rocky and win every competition”. Hate to say it but all the vets but Jeff are acting like a bunch of pussies.

Keith is happy because he thinks he can now make a move on Daniele but it ‘s making him look bad to everyone else because they don’t know why he’s happy. Keith is confronting all the n00bs saying Kalia and Porsche have both talked to the vets- it’s making him look like a nutjob to the rest of his group. If Keith isn’t kicked off soon he will go absolutely batshit insane in the Big Brother house after a few weeks (hopefully…sorry Keith).

Time for the Big Brother Veto Competition. Daniele gets her Golden Key and is safe. Keith is still planning on throwing it. Since it’s pairs, Jeff and Jordan are picked to competed against HOH Brenchel and the nominees. Heavy Metal Adametallica hosts.

Adametallica comes out in his cop uniform and the contestants are all in spandex superhero costumes. Teams have to “fly” across a wire and complete a vertical wall puzzle. Keith and Porsche are both throwing it. Jeff and Jordan are doing just as bad as the throwers. Luckily Brenchel is superfocused and are rocking it and they win the veto power and bragging rights and we get to see how annoying they are in a special winner’s interview in the diary room- yea lucky us.

Will Brenchel keep the nominations the same? They want to feel everyone out and see who to put up. They can make deals with everyone, maybe. Brendan tells each couple that sine we’re not putting you up, you don’t put us up next week. Not sure if anyone’s buying it though. Cassi’s the only one who doesn’t tell them what they want to hear.

Big Brother Veto Meeting. Brenchel has the duel Power of Veto and they choose not to use the POV on Keith and Porsche. This is getting interesting- the next episode will tell us exactly where the power in the house lies. Does Keith have the numbers he says he has? Does Porsche have the votes with all the vets on her side? Anything can happen on Biiiiig Brother.

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