Big Brother 13: 07.17.2011

On the last Big Brother, Keith was voted out. Dominic knows two people flipped on his side and kept Porsche in. The Newbies are split and they don’t know who flipped on them.

Rachel calls them idiots. When Rachel calls you an idiot, you know you’re an idiot. Jordan is the Big Brother HOH this week thanks to her solid golf shot.

Shelly and Kalia voted for Keith and lie to low hanging bowtie Lawan the rest of them. Adametallica thinks it’s Dominic. Everyone else thinks it Adametal. Rachel tries to bully the newbs. Dominic is revealing everything to Jeff and Jordan- he still is dumbfounded as to who flipped.

Adam, Dominic and Cassi all trust Shelly. But they shouldn’t. She’s sneakier than I thought she’d be. Dominic is paranoid and making all sorts of plans in his head.

Dominic is flirting with Daniele… he might just be playing her (and she him). Cassi and Rachel doing dishes and not saying a word to each other (do they have a dishwasher? why not?). Awkward.

Who wants to see Jordan HOH room? Bring on the fake smiles, because nobody does but everybody goes. Jeff and Jordan get some alone time- good clean fun Jordan assures us. Bookie is parading around in his spandex superhero suit. Dominic joins in the “fun” because he wants to align with the Vets.

Adametallic is ready to make a deal with the Vets now since he knows he doesn’t have numbers with the noobs. He begs Jeff and Jordan to let him join.

Rachel wants “superfloater” Cassi gone. She tells the vets that Cassi wants them gone. What is her obsession with floaters? And Cassi’s not even a floater.

Time for the Have/Have Not competition. They’re all dressed up like Ants but there’s two of them in each costume. Seems like the theme of half the Big Brother competitions this year is “dry hump your teammate”. They have to go through a Double-Dare physical challenge style obstacle course. Supercompetitive Brenchel is rocking this one.

Oh snap! Looks like Lawan might have crushed Kalia or something. She’s hurting. And worse she’s dressed like an ant and is stuck in a can of baked beans. The BB Medic has to come out and cut the costume off them. And it’s nothing? No injury? WTF? Carrie Bradshaw would have toughed it out Kalia. Jeez. Have Nots are on jellybeans and jerky this week- I could totally live off those two foods.

Dominic goes up to Jeff and Jordan and tries to cut a deal to vote with the Vets. Cassi goes up to Jeff and Jordan and tries to cut a deal to vote with the Vets. The Vets still aren’t sure who to nominate. Time for the ceremony, we’ll see.

Jordan voted to put Adametallica and Dominic up for eviction. I’m amazed at how quickly the newbies are falling apart and the Vets are picking off their strongest competition players too. Chalk another up for the Vets.

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