Big Brother 13: 07.20.2011

From the last Big Brother episode, it’s Dominic and Adametallica on the block. Jordan is HOH and the vets want Dominic gone. Rachel is pissed because she wants Cassi gone.

Jordan told Adam to throw the Veto Competition and he’s safe. Looks like he’s gonna do it. Rachel and Porsche want Cassi out because Rachel thinks she’s a “floater” and she’s totally obsessed with floaters. But really it’s because Cassi’s the pretty one and Rachel’s a jealous bitch who can’t have anyone prettier than her in the house (which is any female under 40 more or less).

Daniele’s totally playing Dominic and he thinks there’s real chemistry- haven’t you seen the show before Dominic? She’s the black widow dude. She wants you to trust her so you can do her dirty work. I thought you knew what you were doing…. but you’re too young- emotions are getting in the way of your strategy. Daniele’s totally playing Rachel too, saying she wants what Rachel wants- Cassi out. Anything to keep her pawn Dominic safe.

Jordan knows what’s up- that Rachel is blowing the whole Cassi’s a threat thing out of proportion. Brenchel is putting a lot of pressure on Jeff and Jordan to put Cassi up.

Time for the Veto Competition. If Brenchel wins the Veto and takes Dominic and Adam down to get rid of Cassi, it’s going to throw a rift between them and Jeff and Jordan. For the competition, it’s an individual competition where they have to chew gumballs, cross a balance beam and stick it on a piece of paper. Interestingly, if anyone falls off they can choose to trade 2 weeks worth of slop to continue.

Adam doesn’t have to worry about throwing it, he has no balance. Jordan drops and tries to do the slop but Jeff says hell to the no, you have no chance anyway. She doesn’t do it and drops out first. Rachel drops next and takes 2 weeks of slop to continue, and fittingly she falls off again 2 seconds later and is out of the competition and on slop. Jeff, Dominic and Brendan are neck and neck (and neck). Dominic wins it! I think he’s the first newbie to win anything.

Is Kalia even in the house anymore? She hasn’t been seen all episode. Rachel made a nasty comment towards Jordan during the competition and now Jeff called her out on it. Rachel goes into some sort of insanity focus zone during these competitions, floaters grab a liferaft anyone? Jeff made Rachel hide in the bushes and cry, what a drama queen. Oh there’s Kalia, putting Rachel in her place…. in the Diary Room. Wow you’re so tough to say it in the diary room Kalia. Brendan calms her down.

Jeff is considering putting Brenchel up. Don’t be stupid Jeff! Stick with your alliance, keep the people everyone hates it makes you look better. Rachel is such a baby. Rachel apologizes to Jordan, Jeff (correctly!) thinks it’s insincere. Jordan doesn’t want to put Cassi and Shelly up. Cassi tells her to put up Brenchel before they backstab you. Don’t do it Jordan- because if you don’t somebody else will- don’t worry about it. They are in your alliance and everyone else in the house hates them- it’s the perfect situation for you.

In the Veto Ceremony, Dominic removes himself and Adam from the block. Jordan decides to put up Cassi and Shelly for eviction. Smart gameplay Jordan, smart. Assuming nothing bonkers goes down, Cassi will be the next to go.

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